TBC Insurance already offers health insurance. In order to provide high quality medical services we concentrate on long-term collaboration with insured persons as well as with their employer companies and provider clinics. We think that complex and flawless operation of the following factors will enable us to create the best possible health insurance in Georgia.

ლამაზი ცისფერი ბუშტები

  • Freedom of choice
    For us it is of utmost importance to give you the freedom of choice. Consequently, you will be able to receive medical service at any licensed medical clinic with the co-financing scheme on the basis of request from the doctor.
  • Treatment abroad
    You will be reimbursed with the highest tariffs existing in Georgia.
  • Limitless reimbursement
    You will be able to request reimbursement of any amunt of money via our website which will start operating from June. You will be reimbursed up to 500 GEL in one day and more than 500 GEL will need three days.

ფერების ლამაზი გრადაცია

  • Long-term collaboration
    We would like to create a high standard collaboration with provider clinics. We believe that this can be achieved through high level of engagement and constant strive for development from both sides. We will monitor the processes continously with the quality management system arranged with our partners.
  • Quick payment
    As a result of the market research we determined the issues of payment processes between the insurance companies and provider clinics. In this matter we will be transparent, agile and quick; there will be no financial delay or working process hold-up.
  • Financial support combination
    We are ready to support partner clinics either in terms of infrastructure (renewing of medical equipment, improvement of working space) or service (staff retraining).

იასამნისფერი, ცისფერი და ლურჯი ბუშტი

  • Web platform for HR specialists , We create this platform in order you to effectively manage administrative resources and save time. This will be an online space where you wil be able to easily and rapidly gather all the information about your employees and send it to us by pressing only one button. The platform will enable you to constantly have an eye on the information about the insured employees.
  • Eliminated pending time -Our insured employees will not have to keep pending time in order to receive the medical service.
  • Health insurance attached to the company - Our health insurance combination: ‘good’, ‘better’, ‘best’, ‘excellent’, ‘exceptional’ will enable you to choose your preferred combination according to the medical services and limits. We aim each of our insured persons to have at least ‘good’ and, in the best way, ‘exceptional’ insurance. In order to achieve this, as mentioned above, we will be agile, quick and transparent. We will follow the trends and try to adjust to the company requirements.