As the traveling season becomes more active B Bot decided to reward the lucky travellers.

In order to avoid the hot days of summer traveling is the best idea. To make your return more pleasant you can pamper yourself with one more traveling experience now from the movie theatre* screens. After you purchase TBC travel insurance from Facebook Messenger chat, if you end up being one of the lucky 10th customers, B Bot will reward you with the movie tickets.

გემრიელი პოპკორნი კოსმოსში

If you travel with your friends B Bot can insure you together very easily as B Bot already knows your travel period and in this case your chances to win increase.

In order to make your next travel easier B Bot will already have remembered the necessary information and you will not be asked to fill in anymore. Write to B Bot, insure your travel and get rewards.

*Movie theatre promo code can be used at: Cavea Mall, Cavea Galleria, Cavea Eastpoint, Amirani and Batumi Apollo movie theatres. Also at web pages: and