Nutsa and Luka's Home

On one summer day we decided to say farewell to our old flat and start looking for a bigger space to live in.

გოგო და ბიჭი, ძაღლი, პოსტერები კედელზე, დივანი

ჩUpon checking out our new home for the very first time it reminded me of the scene from the ‘Sex and the city’ when Carrie Bradshaw is looking for an apartment with Mr. Big and going up the penthouse in Manhattan. Yes, it was my penthouse in Manhattan.

ყვავილები, ქალაქის ხედი

Lots of windows, bright rooms and a spacious, open space from the balcony. My brain automatically started to set out combinations.

სამზარეულო, ჩაიდანი, სკამი, მაგიდა, ბოლი, ბლენდერი, ონკანი

I knew from the very beginning where I would put what item and how I would arrange the place. While arranging settings I did not forget a big window that my new kitchen had because I was always dreaming about having an apartment with such a big window near which I could lay out some plants.

ყვავილები8, ხის თაროები, წიგნი

Emotional connection and first impression were enough for me to make up my mind; and it was this prompt decision that made it happen to start a history of our new home.

ბავშვის ოთახი, ბავშვის ტანსაცმელი, სათამაშოები, ხალიჩა

For us home is the most comfortable space and we even form some kind of attachment towards it. Even when we go on a holiday we never stop missing it and look forward to coming back as soon as possible.

საათი, მინის ქილა

We can find everything that we enjoy doing at home... we replaced TV sets with the projectors thus we do not go to the movie theatres anymore. We love music, started vinyl collection and installed a good sound system as well.

პოსტერები, დინამიკი, მიქშერი

Our home interior is simple and the walls are painted white. However, we own a lot of posters and decorative items.

კუბიკრუბიკი, სათამაშოები, წიგნები, ჟურნალები

We have been collecting these posters throughout the years from different cities and each of them has their own history. Some of them we took off from the streets, the rest were displayed at the exhibitions that we attended. We also have a lot of works by Georgian artists (Musia, Masholand, Tamooz)

სამი სხვადასხვა ილუსტრიე=რებული პოსტერი თეთრ კედელზე

Our home interior is a mixture of modern and old items. The carpet has been around for two centuries and comes down from Luka’s ancestors

We do not possess expensive items at home but we love each of them a lot because of the memory and emotional connection we have developed towards them. We collect tiny items too; a child as well as an adult can find something to entertain themselves with at our place. Coins, smoking pipes, board games, books, decorative items, vintage toys are just a small portion of the large list that ended up at our place and managed to create the positive feeling and coziness

ძაღლი იყურება ფანჯარაში

Do not forget our dog – Lilu as well! Those who have pets at home know what it means when somebody is waiting for you and how different it feels to get back home.

საქანელა ოთახში, დერეფანი

We also adore plants and try our best to increase their number as much as possible. Apart from decorating interior, it is sort of a therapy for me to take care of plants. It is like a ritual for me to dedicate Sunday to them.