B Bot has been making new friends for two years now, simplifies insurance processes and is always ready to help travelers.

ბი ბოტის ლოგო, დაბადების დღის კონუსური ქუდი, ტორტი, კიბე

The first insurance bot became two years old today! During this time, B has made over 25,000 friends, insured more than 10,000 people, and responded to more than 300,000 messages. B is the most loyal friend of travelers, he insures their adventures for 24 hours a day directly in the Facebook messenger.

During this time, B has learnt a lot. It can scan your passport / ID card, insure your friends easily and save those data so that you won't have to enter personal information again when you re-purchase it.

Most importantly at the end of the conversation, you can easily rate it’s service with Facebook emotion.

In the future, travel assistance will also be added to the B bot, which will make it easier for travelers to report an accident and get assist directly in chat.