A ballad about a house

Let me start from way back: this house was designed and built by my father (he, too, is an architect. And so are my mother, my sisters and my girlfriend). That is why I have always been connected to him emotionally. The office of my father’s architecture and renovation company is located on the first floor of this house, while the semi-basement on the -1st floor is home to my own studio. I cleaned up and furnished this space after returning to Georgia. Until then, this is where my parents used to keep items they did not use, but did not want to throw away completely. My apartment is also located in this building—on the top floor, in the attic.

ტელესკოპი, ყვავილები, ფანჯარა, ნახატი

I will try to describe my place as I actually see it myself:

My apartment, as empty as possible, is bright during the day and dark at night. The lighting is arranged in such a way that you constantly alternate between lit and dim zones. Darkness is an absolute must here.

სკამები, მაგიდა, ნახატი, ყვავილი ქოტანში

To me, my place is a personal statement about who I am, what I’m interested in, what I value and what I need.

A house is the very person that resides there—it can never be a mere shelter, independent from its resident.

საწოლი, ფარდა, აბსტრაქციონიზმი ნახატში

Empty space and accents are important. The interior creates accents—major themes within the house. I do not like it when the TV and a leather living room set comprise a major theme of a home—that instantly diminishes its value to me.

I’m sorry.

As you can probably already tell, I value space more than personal items.

დერეფანი, კარები

The interior of my apartment is minimalistic. There are numerous recycled items here. The place is filled with works of various artsits, most of whom are my friends.

ნახატი, ხის კარადა მინით. წიგნები, ყვავილები

Sometimes, I rent my apartment out on Airbnb. I believe that sharing is important, as this is precisely when your personal space becomes more than a mere expression of self, captures additional dimensions and gives room to alternative perceptions.

სამზარეულო, დაფა, წარწერები, ტიპოგრაფია

Another perk of sharing my personal space is getting a chance to see my place with somebody else’s eyes. Their comments and suggestions allow me to view my space from a variety of different angles.

საძინებელი ოთახი, ტუმბო, საწოლი, საწოლის გადასაფარებელი, სარკე

I have lots of plants in my apartement. I think of them as gentle souls that guard the place.

This is all I wanted to say about my home.

ბევრი ყვავილი სამყოფ ოტახში

P.S. Copper House by Studio Mumbai is the place I will never forget.

წიგნი, იასამნისფერი განათება

P.P.S. This building was designed by my father and his identity is a part of it. Upon returning to Tbilisi, I moved into the apartment and changed it according to my vision, as my father and I have different views on interior design. I threw away virtually everything and emptied the house completely. Empty space has always been the integral identity of my place of residence. Today, the empty space is no longer there, as the birth of my daughter altered everything, as her cute, colorful and fluffy “infrastructure” replaced my identity. Apparently, there are things that can turn your meticulously orderly world upside-down and keep you tremendously happy at that. 


Author: Nikoloz Lekveishvili

Photo: Alexander Davitashvili

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