I started using Airbnb as a tourist shortly after Airbnb was launched. I liked the business model. I liked the to travel, but I was not a host.

ჩაიდანი, გაზი, კაფელი

I bought this apartment when it was under construction in my favorite neighborhood, Avlabari. Before the repairs were completed, I was doing everything for myself. When it was finished, I changed plans and decided to share my favorite space with guests on Airbnb. Space on what I had spent great energy on arranging and decorating. I was so happy when almost half-year was booked in the first month after the announcement was made - I realized that I'm doing something right. My Listing has been successful till this day.

ტახტი ბალიშებით, ნახატები, ლამფა, მაგიდა

My apartment is located in the old district, near the President's residence. From the window, you can see Narikala, Monument of “Mother of Kartli” also the beautiful houses and roofs of the old Tbilisi. I always tell the guests that the President is their neighbor. From here they can walk to every destination and of course, they like it.

ძველი თბილისი, ხედი, ეკლესია

I spend a lot of time abroad and have a constant relationship with people from different countries, and I love it. Airbnb also gives me that. There are services to help others manage my apartment on Airbnb, but most of the time I like to interact with guests. From the day of booking to the total contacts, I advise you where it is best to go, what happens when you arrive.

სამზარეულო, მაგიდა, სკამები, ყვავილები, გაზქურა, ონკანი

Some of them have been my guests for 4-5 times, I have been even outside with some of them. Sometimes they invite me to visit their home countries. I sincerely love this relationship and I think my guests feel it and they keep touch with me even after leaving the country. Sometimes they tell me they are coming to celebrate a birthday and I send them flowers, Sometimes the get bothered by noisy neighbor, and I send them wine to improve mood.

აბაზანა, დუში, ტეთრი კაფელი, ლამპარი

While working on the interior, I tried to make everything open and simple and then add colors that I would easily change if it becomes boring to me. There are many items in the house that I have specially selected, brought from different countries, some items are bought at the flea market, some of them are from my childhood. I’ve done the most emphasis on books. Visitors note that most of them like books in my house.

ასტრიდ ლინდგრენის წიგნი, წიგნების თარო, წიგნები, ბიუსტი

All guests are individual, so there is no universal recipe to use to thrive you Airbnb business. It came out well for me because I have done nothing superficial. I thought about every detail. In Georgia, you will often find a flattering design, especially when the owner intends to rent this flat to tourists.

წიგნების და დეკორატიული თაროები, ტელევიზორი, ნახატები

I think the thing that helps me the most is that I have a genuine love for relationships and it can be felt from everything. And this is the most important thing. Sometimes there are some problems, for example, the water is out of service, or something goes wrong, but with such a good attitude that it all gets easier. 

Author: Alexander Davitashvili
Photos: Alexander Davitashvili