It is less likely to think of insurance while being at the music festival, open air, when your favorite band performs your favorite hits. Well, it is not necessary: ​​TBC Insurance and the organizers of “Tbilisi Open Air” have already planned everything.

The responsibility of the “Tbilisi Open Air” organizers is insured before any festivalgoer.

Insurance will compensate any loss that takes place on the festival territory.

What does the organizer’s responsibility mean? Insurance involves cases such as fires, explosions (including damage from smoke and/or steam), natural disasters, falling items, transport accidents, robbery, vandalism... In all cases, “Tbilisi Open Air” undertakes the responsibility, while TBC Insurance insures this responsibility.


“Tbilisi Open Air” was held for the ninth time this year. During June 16-18, along with the loyal listeners and fun lovers, the festival’s open air spaces were filled with bands like Anathema, Leningrad, Archive, Sevdaliza etc.