Get a compensation for online consultations with physicians via REDMED.

Health insurance customers of TBC Insurance enjoy greater freedom to take advantage of a variety of insurance services. If you have not downloaded the REDMED app yet, it is perhaps time to do so, as our insurance bundle covers [free] online consultations with physicians via REDMED.

You will have to follow the following simple instructions:

  • Download the REDMED app.
  • Connect with the TBC Insurance family physician, who will provide a formal referral.
  • You may schedule a consultation with a medical professional of your choice at your convenience.
  • Request an MC100 before completion of your appointment and the physician will upload it for you.
  • Send a request to REDMED at to have the invoice delivered to your personal e-mail within a business day.
  • Download the payment receipt from the internet banking application.

That’s it! Take advantage of a chance to receive both an online consultation with a physician and compensation from the comfort of your home