Auto Insurance in a comprehensible way

What do you insure when you insure a car? This seemingly simple question is not so simple according to the research. 

That is why, after 3 years of dominance in the auto insurance retail market and a lot of thinking, we decided to translate auto insurance into an comprehensible language, and in this way, facilitate the lives of people who are already insured and will be insured in the future

TBC Insurance is focused on introducing and developing a customer-centric model of service, for which the starting point is, of course, existing customers, their needs, desires, and recommendations. Based on the recommendations of the insured, the new campaign offers people auto insurance in the most comprehensible language.

Because of the complex sentences and readability problems of the text (small font, an outline of the letters, etc) people seldom read the contract. Consequently, they often have misconceptions about what services and products they are buying.

As part of the campaign, the insurance contract was simplified, the proposals became authentic and characteristic for the Georgian language. The most comprehensible font for an auto insurance contract has been created, which any company can download and use in the production of its contracts. As a result, our goal is to create the best service for our customers, which in this case, is the best auto insurance guarantee.

Here you can see the most comprehensible language of an auto insurance contract on