Open-air activities in Georgia that you need to try

Every vacation is an opportunity to make new fond memories that may last a lifetime. The question is, how to make time for both rest—in order to reboot and revitalize, and simultaneously check some memorable moments off our bucket list.

There are actually lots of activities that do not involve long walks on the beach or soaking up the sun and promise a great deal of fun and diversity during your vacation. That is precisely why we’ve written this blog post: to help you make your slightly belated summer adventures more memorable and exciting.

More importantly, we promise to limit our suggestions to Georgia and let you have the kind of vacation that is both restful and filled with new emotions and experiences.

Don’t forget that certain activities require you to follow directions from a qualified instructor.

Parachute and Paragliding

During the first few days of your vacation, you must engage in the kind of activity that will allow you to let go completely after months of hard work.

Aquatic parachuting in Adjara is precisely that—vanishing your thoughts completely and allowing you to relish the moment. As you float in the air, all you see is the endless horizon somewhere far, far away. Once you land, filled with the most amazing emotions, you immediately miss the view at several meters above water.

Parachuting is a true pleasure for a number of reasons. However, if you prefer more dynamic flight above water, then we recommend paragliding.

Paragliding does not require you to be close to the water. You may choose to fly virtually everywhere in Georgia. Paragliding is much faster and requires higher elevation. As you glide up, you are bound to see both completely unknown and relatively familiar spots beneath you—from a truly unique perspective.


If you’re looking for a relatively less daring activity while still in the air, you may try zipline. Hanging on a steel cable stretched between two points, you certainly feel safer, as you know exactly where your journey begins and ends. But that definitely does not mean that parachuting or paragliding are any better than the zipline in terms of intensity of emotions.

May you choose to try the zipline, you are bound to have a variety of locations to choose from. Zipline courses are currently located in Sairme, Sighnaghi, Mtirala, Tskhrajvari, Borjomi, Bakuriani, Photi and Senaki.
And in case you are unable to leave the city yet, you could also try the zipline from the Turtle Lake. With its length up to 1200 meters, it is actually the longest zipline in Georgia.

Diving and Whitewater Rafting

In case the Zipline gets you to Samegrelo, you could try diving upon landing.

Canyons in Martvili and Noqalaqevi are great spots to discover the Georgian underwater world and make your summer adventures more diverse and exciting. Once you’ve explored the canyons, you may also dive in the Black Sea.

If you prefer to stay above water, you might want to try whitewater rafting. It really does not matter whether you enjoy extreme sports or not—even if you’re looking for a low-risk way to decompress, you should take advantage of one of the whitewater rafting tours offered on several rivers across Georgia. You are free to choose a difficulty level that is right for you in order to fully enjoy the ride.

Hiking and Horseback Riding

For some people, camping is an inseparable part of summer. You are bound to learn why as soon as you experience what it feels like to climb a mountain or simply spend a night in a tent.

Hiking is all about discovery and the intense, unforgettable emotions that follow. What could make it even better is horseback riding. You are free to sign up for a tour with your friends or even complete strangers.

Horseback riding is quite common in the mountains. Svaneti, Tusheti, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Racha-Lechkhumi are the perfect spots for horseback riding tours: as you jaunt through the trails, you have an opportunity to enjoy the marvelous views all around.


And finally…

If you would like to truly enjoy vacation, unwinding in a hammock after series of lively and satisfying activities is an absolute must. Despite all the fun stuff you have planned, no vacation may be deemed complete without a hammock.

More importantly, you may get home insurance in as little as 30 seconds from virtually any spot you visit and go back to your adventures with absolute peace of mind.