Planning your treatment abroad - NAVIGATOR

It isn’t easy to tend equally to emotions, finances and physical wellbeing when your health is deteriorating. That is precisely why it makes sense to plan ahead and be fully prepared for a potential hazard.

Critical and oncological illness insurance bundles from TBC Insurance cover everything you might need when dealing with a critical illness. Planning your treatment abroad is one of those many aspects.

If diagnosed with a critical illness, TBC Insurance will help you get in touch with MEDIGUIDE, its partner company responsible for planning a number of essential procedures in a country of our choice, including:

-    Transportation;
-    Airport pickup and transfer;
-    Accommodation at a hotel close to the clinic;
-    Clinic visits and placement;
-    Treatment oversight;
-    Purchase of prescribed medications;
-    Return trip management.

Thanks to the latest medical advances, illnesses detected at an early stage are subject to full recovery. By purchases a critical and oncological illness insurance bundle, you are guaranteed to avoid a number of inevitable financial and bureaucratic issues if diagnosed and have all the time you need to tend to your health.

And if you have underage children, you are free to get insurance with identical terms for them as well at no additional cost. In case of an emergency, your insurance limit will remain intact.

Critical and oncological illness insurance is available to individuals aged 18-61 or existing customers of TBC Concept.

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