“…then insure the most important”

“what do you mean by most important”

Accident insurance. This way, you won’t have to pay anything for those “minor risks” – as you call them – and you’ll be insured for what you fear most: car crashes. To be honest, you’re right; I mean Tbilisi traffic is insane! Want to know what this driver did today?...” – this was the start of a long story by Niko, a friend, and a veteran of Tbilisi traffic jams. This story, like most of his stories, ended with the lesson that “even most experienced drivers make mistakes and you have to keep that in mind” and with his usual two-cents on the topic of insurance, which he says simply gives you “unparalleled peace of mind”.

მობილურში ჩანს მანქანა

All in all, he’s right – I can’t say that I’m a skillful driver as I only started driving a few months back, so my stories are very different from Nikos.

I’m pretty much used to scratching my car all the time while parking; that remains my biggest issue. Not long ago I almost broke my headlight, but I still refused to insure my car. A few scratches here and there aren’t really a big deal so I’m not going to spend money on insurance just for that, and I’m not about to get insurance just because Niko said so either. What’s most important for me is for my car to get me from “point A” to “point B”, and for me to avoid all sorts of accidents and injuries to myself or anyone else.

As a driver, I do take my civic duties towards public safety seriously, so I am quite conscious of my inexperience and therefore most of my driving consists only of going back and forth between work and home.

Fine, Niko has convinced me. I’ll get collision insurance so I don’t have to grip the steering wheel so hard any longer; and I’m pretty sure he mentioned that liability insurance comes with it too. I’ll find out more from TBC Insurance – their customer service is pretty nifty actually.

“Hi there, B!”

He’s always there if I have a question; he’s pretty awesome.

This is “B” – full name: “B Bot” – my old friend on Facebook and the most proactive, modest and loyal friend. The other day he helped me get urgent travel insurance at 1 in the morning when I had a 3 a.m. flight. He sent the documents I needed straight to my email and didn’t lecture me on “why did you wait to do this last-minute”. He even gifted me a book just because I bought travel insurance. He’s incredible.

“Good evening, I can create insurance straight through Facebook messenger. Please, pick one”.

B-Bot offers me D1 auto insurance among some other things, but I have a few questions first.

“Insure the most important risk – car collision! Pick payout limit for a fixed price”

We chat for a while and I found out more about D1 auto insurance.

It covers the entirety of your car’s repair costs in case of an accident. On top of that, if you are at fault in damaging a 3rd party vehicle, your policy will cover their repair and relevant medical expenses.

It turns out, D1 is a combination of two types of insurance policies – collision and liability.  It’s quite convenient to pay for them together at once instead of dealing with two separate policies, and I pay much less than what I would be paying for them separately.

“Pick the payout limits and your monthly payment” – continues my friend Bot and offers me two options. “For a 5,000 GEL payout limit, your monthly payment is 30 GEL. If you’d rather have twice as much – a 10,000 GEL payout limit – instead, you’d think that your monthly payment would be twice as much wouldn’t you? Well you’d be wrong because you can double your coverage for only 10 GEL more!

B-Bot doesn’t ask many questions and even asking my age is only required because I have to be at least 25 to be insured – I just turned 28, so I’m good to go

B-Bot registers my insurance policy in minutes. Now I can proudly add a “life event” to my Facebook profile titled “I have finally bought car insurance after months of holding out”.  But you know what I’m most proud of? All the time I’m saving! Now I can take longer trips with my car – I would love to go to Kakheti. I can’t wait to get out and drive without fear and anxiety. I’m out; see you guys.