“Now boarding Flight: Tbilisi-Doha-Singapore”. The trip is long and tiring – a 13-14 hour flight, resulting in a 3-week vacation in paradise. Although, I’m not so sure about this just yet.


It was a surprise to many that I suddenly ended up in Asia because this whole time I had my sights set on Prague, where I was planning on attending two of my favorite artists’ concerts. I had never even dreamed of going to Singapore, so I had nothing planned. I started combing the Internet for information immediately.
ბუნება და გამწვანება

Singapore appeared on the world map only some 50 year ago. At first glance, it looks like one big business district with little else to offer besides skyscrapers…

However, as soon as you land, you realize you’re entering a truly different city. Singapure is a predominantly freen city. Overwhelming amounts of plants and greenery everywhere; you forget your exhaustion from the 13 hour flight before you even set foot outside the airport.
გოგო გადადის გზაზე

Singapore offers the weather we dream about when we’re walking about freezing our tails off in the middle of February in Tbilisi. I spent 3 weeks here. Although, places discovered unintentionally gave their own appeal, I recommend making at least a short list of the most important places one should see.
Another small piece of advice: it’s best to visit these predetermined locations by foot, because you can always turn off the main street and that’s when you tend to run into the really cool unexpected things that you don’t read about on the Internet.

ვიწრო ქუჩა

You should also know that public transportation is very well organized and most of the “must-see” sights are easily accessible. The city also feels very safe – the police are well aware of their role and duty, as I even experienced myself. Respect for law and order is felt not only from the police but society in general.
პოლიციის მანქანა

The city is generally a little costly, however you can enjoy an extremly diverse list of Asian-cuisine restaurant most of which will leave you beyond satiated for no more than $5.  It doesn’t take long for "hamburger” you to change into “Riceburger” you.

It’s impossible for Singapore to not excite you with something but I still want to tell you about my favorite places:
Singapore’s exceptional greenery is especially “blinding” in the “Gardens by the Bay”. And if you’re in the mood for some islands and beaches after all this greenery, I recommend visiting Sentosas Island where there are several beaches. If you do end up on Sentosas, I also recommend the aerial tramway.

ლამაზი გამწვანება შენობაში

“Night Safari” is Singapore’s nighttime zoo, where you travel by open car alongside all sorts of animals. In complete contract to this, you can visit “Universal Studios” and enter a Hollywood environment full of all sorts of rides attractions and activities.
ლამაზი პარკი

For delicious food and cheap souvenirs, make sure to visit “Chinatown”, and don’t forget you’re not in an upscale department store in London so bargaining is totally a thing; so employ a bit of prowess, and you can proudly come back and boast about your negotiating skills and how you talked the seller down to $5 from $20.

“Little India” is another part of town you should visit for its completely unique sights, smell and sounds.
ხიდი ძალიან მაღლა მიწიდან

Obviously, everyone has their own preferences, and what one mand might love, another might not so fond of - meaning, you could discover a list os"must-see" locations that completely differ from mine. However i can safely guarantee one thing: you won’t come back from Singapore thinking you had a dull trip.

Author: Nata Kantaria