Smart, intellectual but not necessarily well-educated people will usually, not always, but usually, agree that intellect is the sum of lessons learned from mistakes. Education is pretty much the same thing, except you’re analyzing and learning about other people’s mistakes whereas here, you’re assessing your own. And the only reason I used the word “usually” up above and a not bolder word like “always” is only because everyone makes mistakes. Everyone.

აჭარული ხაჭაპურები და დავით კოვზირიძე

Those that have made many mistakes and learned their lessons, they’re likely to make less mistakes in the future. But the opposite is also true. It’s a bit strange yes, but the more mistakes you make the better you are.

So, in order to not make mistakes down the road, mistakes should be made early on. So, to everyone, who is still young and just starting their lives, I beseech you, make as many mistakes as you can, because mistakes are not just ok, they’re necessary!

Lets take an easy example – baking Khachapuri. Lets say, you decide you want to become a really good Khachapuri baker – what do you do?

1. Read a lot of culinary literature, and immediately become a great Khachapuri baker? No, this would be a mistake, and if you did this, you will learn that words in books can only get you so far.

2. You gather some basic information and go out and give it a try: you make a first one; it sucks. Then you make ten more; all ten suck. But you make a hundred more; and some are starting to come out all right. You reach one thousand. By now, there are some that are actually really good. And eventually, you reach your goal: out of the thousands of Khachapuri you bake, most are top-notch, only a few are sub-par, and “suck” is nothing but a memory. You spent a countless amount of time, made a ton of mistakes – sometimes you didn’t have enough cheese, sometimes you had too much, or the dough came out bad, or it was too salty, too fatty, burnt – but through all this, you managed to learn to make delicious Khachapuri.

When you do reach this level, there’s another mistake you should be careful not to make: don’t become complacent. Remember, there are always people around you that – like you at one point – are thirsty to make mistake after mistake in order to catch you and surpass you.

Before we get carried away with philosophy, just don’t forget: always do something and don’t be afraid to make mistakes; be afraid of not making mistakes. If you don’t believe me, listen to Einstein, who said “he who has never made a mistake has never tried to create anything new”.

Author: David Kovziridze