Health Insurance

We provide medical services of modern standards and quick reimbursement of treatment expenses.


Call us on phone number 2 42 11 11 or email to


Free choice of medical centres

You can choose yourself in which clinic you would like to receive medical care.

Reimbursement of treatment expenses overseas


If you need treatment abroad, we will reimburse medical expenses with the best tariffs

Online reimbursement with no limits

You can easily apply request for any type of medical exprence reimbursement online

Partner Medical Centres

Medical services are available at our partner clinics as well as any other licensed medical centre.

TBC Insurance main partner clinics:

  • ‘Medicore’
  • ‘Georgian-American clinic’
  • ‘Medalpha’
  • ‘Regional hospital (Evex)’
  • High technology hospital ‘medcenter’ (Batumi)

Who is insurance for 

Insurance can be purchased by companies for their employees. In order to purchase insurance please contact us on 2 42 11 11 or write us at:

Medical services

•    Calling emergency 
•    Consultation with family doctor/pediatrician
•    Prophylactic medical tests
•    Emergency and planned dispensary service
•    Emergency and planned hospital service
•    Treatment abroad
•    Reimbursement of medicines related expenses
•    Emergency and planned dental treatment 
•    Reimbursement of pregnancy/labor related expenses

How we reimburse

You can ask for reimbursement of medical related expenses at TBC Insurance service branches and online, on our web page.

If selected service branches:

•    You will be reimbursed up to 500 GEL instantly. However, in case of more than 500 GEL, the process will take maximum of 3 working days.

If selected online:

•    Amount up to 500 GEL will be reimbursed in one day, whereas amount exceeding 500 GEL will need maximum of 3 working days to complete reimbursement.