Travel Insurance


Travel insurance

Travel insurance provides protection in the event of unexpected injuries or deterioration of health while traveling. Insurance policy with a $/€50 deductible covers medical costs up to $/€50,000.

Zero-deductible insurance

If you intend to stay within the Schengen area, the insurance plan with no deductible and coverage up to $/€60,000 should suffice as well. If need be, such policy will cover medical costs in full, within the limit of your policy. 

Basic and Multi-trip plans

Basic plans


You may choose a basic plan by setting a specific travel period for limited access to insurance benefits. 

Multi-trip plans


By purchasing multi-trip travel insurance, you reserve the right to access insurance benefits year-round, by paying for your insurance policy for a specific number of days just once. You may purchase multi-trip insurance at any branch of TBC Bank. 

Additional coverage

Baggage insurance

Baggage insurance with coverage up to $/€500 will reimburse your expenses for loss, delay or damage to your baggage. The insurance premium is 6 GEL.

Passport insurance

Passport insurance is available for just 5 GEL and promises to cover all expenses associated with replacement of your passport. The insurance also covers all costs incurred as a result of loss of your travel documents, such as flight cancellation or change charges, up to $/€500.

Trip cancellation insurance


Trip cancellation, delay or early termination insurance with coverage of up to $/€250 limit will compensate non-refundable expenses for tickets and hotel reservations.

How to file an insurance claim

•    You must contact our hotline at +995 322 421 111, call us via Viber at +995 577 07 22 22, or message B Bot via Facebook Messenger within 48 hours of an accident.
•    You are expected to submit required documentation within 30 calendar days of your return to Georgia.

Insurance covers the following:


•    Audio/video consultations via REDMED
•    Emergency medical care
•    Emergency outpatient care
•    Emergency inpatient care
•    Emergency hospital services (surgery)
•    Emergency dental care
•    Emergency eye care
•    Emergency evacuation and return of a travel companion 
•    Repatriation

Insurance eligibility


  • Citizens of Georgia under 75 are eligible to purchase insurance. 

Cost of insurance

•    Insurance premium for basic travel insurance for individuals under 60 is GEL 1 per day, or GEL 2.5 for those aged 60 or above.
•    Zero-deductible insurance premium for Schengen states is GEL 2 for individuals under 60 and GEL 5 for those aged 60 or above.
•    Total cost of baggage insurance is GEL 6
•    Total cost of passport insurance is GEL 5 
•    Trip cancellation insurance premium for individuals under 60 is GEL 10 and GEL 15 for those aged 60 or above.

Documents required to purchase insurance


Your passport or ID card