Why is it called TBC Insurance?

By the end of 2016, TBC Group acquired insurance company “Kopenbur”, which is now working with the name of TBC Insurance. Similar to TBC Bank, TBC Insurance sees modern technologies and digital services to be leading priorities. The latters are also reflected in service. In terms of tariffs or services, the new brand will introduce the TBC style management and contribute new approach and more activities to the field of insurance. The 5-year plan of the company’s development is quite ambitious and aimed at becoming the leader on the insurance market, just like the banking sector.

Which insurance products does TBC Insurance offer?

TBC Bank branches already offer the following TBC insurance products: Car Insurance, Automobile Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Credit Liability Insurance and Travel Insurance. In short, we offer all products, except the Health Insurance, as for the retail, as well as for the corporate segment.


Where can I purchase the TBC Insurance products?

TBC insurance products can be purchased at any TBC Bank branch, TBC Insurance offices, auto dealerships and auto service centers, for example at Toyota Center, Tegeta Motors and 20 other auto dealerships.


Is it possible to purchase the insurance with TBC Bank’s remote channels?

This service is not available yet, however, the customers will be able to purchase the insurance through all the digital channels of the bank in the nearest future. Our goal is to enable our customers to manage the insurances issues, as in terms of purchasing products as well as receiving compensation, through our remote channels thus saving them more time.