თიბისი დაზღვევის ჩეთ ბოტმა ელექტრო სკუტერი გაათამაშა

სკუტერი, გოგონა ღია ფერის პულოვერითა და თეთრი პერანგით

TBC Insurance chat Bot – B Bot awarded the luckiest traveler with an electric scooter. According to the competition, every fifth person purchasing travel insurance either for themselves or for their friends using our B Bot would have been awarded.

During this period, B Bot awarded 400 people with different gifts including ‘SABA’ e-books, roaming data, movie theater tickets, ‘Urbanears’ headphones and electric scooter. Among all these people, the luckiest one, the 2000th traveler Maka Manjavidze became the owner of the main prize – electric scooter.

The winner of the main prize quite frequently uses TBC Insurance products and says that purchasing those products with B Bot is exceptionally convenient:

‘I travel somewhere 2-3 times a year. Sometimes it is a business trip or it might be just for touristic reasons. I have purchased travel insurance using B Bot already a couple of times; it is simple and comfortable. At first I did not believe that winning such a prize could be that easy; that is the reason why I called TBC Insurance to make sure that I indeed had won. Then, I was very happy of course.’

Every person can purchase a travel insurance using B Bot either for themselves or for their friends. To do so, it is enough to find B Bot on Facebook Messenger and send it a message that you want to purchase insurance.

Bot will ask you a few simple questions and after receiving the necessary information it will let you pay for the insurance service without even leaving the messenger chat. Regarding the insurance policy, it will be automatically sent to the email and telephone number you provided. After these steps you can travel freely and show your insurance policy electronically when crossing the border.