When it comes to health insurance there is no room for mistakes

TBC Insurance already offers health insurance and promises high quality service to its customers. Our health insurance stands out by customer-oriented, modern and transparent system. We put emphasis on the long-term collaboration not only with the insured persons but their organizations and provider clinics in order to provide best possible service.

Partner clinics own experience, highly competent personnel, a brand new equipment and infrastructure. Our family doctors can be visited in various clinics in Tbilisi and other regions. At this point, we have up to 200 partners with leading clinics among them: ‘Medicore’ and ‘Georgian-American Clinic’, ‘Evex’, ‘Geo Hospitals’, ‘MediClub’, ‘Innova’ and etc.

When you choose TBC Health Insurance you are given the freedom of choice which means that you will be able to receive service at any licensed clinic. At the same time, on the basis of doctor’s request, you will be able to use co-financing scheme.

Our benefits:

● adequate cover / high limits
● less exceptions
● freedom in choosing the clinics
● financing the expenses of the treatments abroad with the best tariffs in Georgia

Our insurance is available for only organizations. In order to make sure we provide the highest quality service we create web platform which will ease the process of insuring employees and save administrative resources and time.

The minimal price for insurance package is 38 GEL. TBC Insurance offers 5 packages that differentiate from each other in terms of limits and coverage. ‘Good’, ‘better’, ‘best’, ‘excellent’, ‘exceptional’ – the choice is up to customers which package they select.

We offer  

  • 24/7 hotline on 2 42 11 11 or via email:
  • Calling emergency
  • Appointment with family doctor or pediatrician at the clinic or calling them home
  • Prophylactic medical tests
  • Emergency and planned dispensary service
  • Emergency and planned hospital service
  • Treatment abroad
  • Reimbursement of medicines related expenses
  • Emergency and planned dental treatment
  • Reimbursement of pregnancy/labor related expenses

You can ask for reimbursements at TBC Insurance service branches and online, on our web page. If selected service branches, you will be reimbursed up to 500 GEL instantly. However, in case of more than 500 GEL, you will be reimbursed in 3 working days.

There is no limit in case of online reimbursement. Amount up to 500 GEL will be reimbursed in one day by transferring to the account, whereas amount exceeding 500 GEL will need 3 working days to complete reimbursement.

Online reimbursement using our web page will be available from June. Before that you can ask for reimbursements at service branches. Our address is: 24B, Al. Kazbegi Avenue.