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Do you know anybody, who would think about sickness or emergency while going for fun adventures? Probably not. I am one of them too. For most of us, travel insurance was always just one of the usual documents requested for visa applications and I have never thought much about its importance. However, in reality, any health issue, even the slightest, becomes especially complicated while being in a foreign country, both financially and emotionally. The only way to overcome such complications is the travel insurance. Let us break it down.

I am leaving for Milan at the end of April. I am always happy to travel in Italy and this time especially – as the now I do not have to collect bunch of documents, then go to the embassy and wait for visa; Traveling to Schengen Countries do not require visas for the citizens of Georgia starting from April.   

Even without the historical significance of this fact and having the pragmatic approach, no matter how easy and less time-consuming is the planning process of the trip, there still is a document the significance of which cannot be undermined by any visa liberalization and it really deserves this “integrity”. The document is the travel insurance.

Everything starts from the airport. You know how it is with the European border guards? You never know what kind of questions they will ask, or whether they will need to see a hotel reservation for example. Even now, despite the visa liberalization, when going through the passport control, the border guard has all the rights to ask for a travel insurance and in case of not finding one, to send you back. Besides, it does not even matter whether we travel with tourist, business or just visiting purposes.

I have never used my travel insurance, but it might not always be so, like in the case of my friend, Ana. Briefly, when Ana and her family were traveling to Finland, her little cousin hurt his leg while playing on the escalator at one of the shopping centers. They immediately took the child to hospital. Fortunately, the kid did not have any serious injuries: they had to put few stitches and that was it! Today, everybody remembers this story cheerfully and one of the reasons for this is that the financial expenses were fully covered by travel insurance.

Therefore, if you already consider the travel insurance as a necessity, I can say that this product from TBC Insurance will cover not only light stitches but also the expenses caused by sudden illnesses, urgent medical care, stationary and outpatient services, dentistry and repatriation.

The Insurance terms are the easiest - the insurance lasts for one year and you can use it for any journey you like during this time. You choose the number of days and the policy limit – whether in USD or Euros. The product is very much affordable: just 10 GEL for 7 days of insurance.

Because you do not need to submit the Travel Insurance to the Consulate any more, you might just forget about it. If you find that you do not have the document with you already being at the airport, do not worry, you can buy insurance from the nearby TBC Bank’s service center within several minutes.

Another important detail is that you can also acquire the luggage insurance together with travel insurance, but we will talk about this in more details in the next post.