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How to prepare for blood donation

Blood donation is very simple and very necessary. Clinics need different groups of blood regularly and the best way of filling the blood bank is the volunteer donation.

Who can become blood donor

There are several requirements for donor to meet: First of all, it must be at least 18 years old and should weighed at least 50 kgs. Blood donation can be done only after 6 months after getting tattoos and 24 hours after getting piercing. It is very important to consider your health condition as well. Do not donate blood if you have any illness, or take medication treatment

If you meet these requirements and decide give a blood, you are a cool guy, and these recommendations will help you.

Have a good rest on the previous day

By giving your blood, your body will lose part of the energy, so it is necessary to rest and sleep well on the previous day.

მოცურავე ხტება აუზში

Eat healthy food

Avoid fatty foods before blood transfusions, because it thickens blood, and makes testing process difiicult. It is also good if your organism is prepared with iron supplies for this procedure, because with the blood your body loses iron, which should be restored from the food.

ბოსტნეული, სიმინდი, პამიდორი, ბროკოლი

Drink a lot of liquid (except for alcohol)

The blood consists with a large amount of water, so that your dehydration does not occur, you should get a lot of fluids. At least half a liter more than a daily norm.

მსხალი, წვენის ჭიქა, სმუზი

What to do after blood transfusion

Keep in mind that after blood transfusion you may feel a sense of weakness, fatigue, and trowel. This is natural because your body has lost an energy, fluid and minerals that need to be restored.

For that:  

  • Get more fluid
  • Eat sweets, soups, fruits and vegetables.
  • After donation avoid physical load..