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Things that happen on the roadss

In the city full of endless traffic jams and cars it is easy to notice who a good driver is – the one who knows speed limit, acts attentively behind the wheel, rests a few times while driving the long distance and never drives under the influence of alcohol. However, it does not matter how many years of driving experience you possess – despite following all these rules sometimes unpleasant incidents still happen on the road. .

Insurance agents interpret calls coming from the accident scene word for word. If 99% of the text is of informative character the rest 1% might be one of the best ways to raise spirit for those who have access to it. In the end everything depends on the insurance policy – different companies offer different policies and conditions. However, there are occasions and strange circumstances that do not fall strictly under any detailed list. Nevertheless, you will be lucky if your insurance company has a sense of humor.

Color Festival

Ana Gabunia has a kindergarten chain. A couple of months ago, while renovating her branches, she loaded a car with leftover paint boxes in order to carry them from one branch to another. She braked sharply near the statue of a ‘tiger and fellow’. As soon as she pressed the brake pedal, the paint boxes erupted and spilled with rapid flow.

თბილისის საკონცეწრტო დარბაზი, შუქნიშანი, პატარა მანქანა

„ ‘As it turns out the back of the rear seats was not attached firmly and all of us – my passenger, the car and I instantly got covered with paint. The clothes, hair, face – nothing was visible anymore. My friend jumped out off the car – full in shock – I could not even see where she ran off in this condition. I did not see her that whole day. I called TBC Insurance. That moment I really was not in a joking mood. I could only cry. When the agent came he saw me and my car covered in pink, yellow and sky blue – funny kindergarten colors.’

According to the insurance policy TBC Insurance was not obliged to – but still sympathized with Ana’s predicament and fully covered the expenses related to the car’s dry cleaning and restoration of the original look.

Don’t get angry, we love you

Nobody gets surprised by the fact that quite often Georgian feasts are accompanied with unpleasant incidents. However, it is still difficult to imagine that the target of the feasting neighbors will be not even a person but a car, especially your car.

When, in the morning, Rati Grigolava saw his car it had a wrecked door on one side and a love message on another, to make it fair.

‘There were hearts and ‘I love you’ carved on my car. It turns out that drunken girls had left my neighbor’s place the previous night. They crashed into my car door. In order me not to get angry, I assume, as an apology, they found this solution. But they succeeded – it makes me laugh up until to this day. What is more, TBC Insurance covered the damage completely. I did not even start to find out who these girls were. Even if I had, I would not have said anything. How can you get angry when a stranger struggles so much while being drunk and writes ‘I love you’ for you.’

Beware of a dog on the road!

Irma Meladze was met by an inhospitable dog in a neighborhood that turned out to be unnaturally hungry and hostile.

შენობა, ცისფერი მანქანა გულებით მოხატული

„ ‘At first it chased down the car, then started clutching it with its teeth and did not let it off. I was scared to stop the car and get off – I thought it would perform the same on me. The whole rear bumper was full of dog’s bites and its strip was completely eaten off. I was more worried to call TBC Insurance than about my car’s condition. I assumed the insurance agent would not take my story seriously. So when I called the first thing I said was – I am completely sober, if you want, I can call the police myself. They actually believed my story and covered everything completely. The funny thing is that I have been driving for 13 years. There have been 2 occasions when I needed TBC Insurance support and both cases were comical. For the first time I was stopped at the traffic light. The next car was requested by the police to pull over because the driver was talking on the phone. I though it needed no further explanation what pulling over meant – driving slowly into the next lane of the road after the green light would appear on the traffic lights and stopping the car eventually. This girl, instead all of these, pulled over immediately so that she crashed into my car in the process. After this incident I really felt embarrassed to call TBC Insurance again with the following story: ‘Help, a dog bit my car’.’

“ The fact is – either intentional or unintentional creators of these stories stay in the memory of the sufferers forever.

For example, past love stories get forgotten as time passes by but not that ex-girlfriend who wrecks your car with the blunt instrument and then calls the insurance company with the intention to confess no matter of anger – yes it was me who did it. Or how can you forget a man who does not go far to find a shelter, smashes your car’s windows, climbs into the car and waits for the police while being drunk and asleep. It also happens that during the accident, under the irresistible impulse, the driver might imagine that nearby Lisi Lake he was crossed by an animal – probably a whale.

ლამოიონი, ტაქსა ძაღლი, ბინა
TBC Insurance archive keeps a lot more similar stories. The company does not find any story odd anymore and they know everything happens. However, it is preferable to prepare yourself for both: funny or serious matters and know exactly which car related risks TBC Insurance covers you from: car accident, theft, robbery, hail, earthquake and other natural disasters, fire, explosion and vandalism, damage as a result of an item dropped onto the car.

Taking other incidents into consideration TBC auto insurance offers additional package as well: if, while driving, your or other passenger’s health got damaged TBC Insurance will cover the treatment related expenses. If the third person is hurt the property restoration and treatment related expenses will be covered.

Hopefully you will not need it but just in case you or your car end up in a funny or not funny at all situation call immediately on: 2 42 22 22 and do not move your car without the instruction of the agent from the insurance company.

Wish you a safe and happy journey!

Author: Mariam Kanchavelinbsp;