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The modern pace of everyday life and technological development, like some other spheres, brought serious progress and significant achievement in the world medicine as well. Also, this pace and development radically changed the environment and routine which also reflected on increasing number of life threatening diseases. If today, thanks to the medical achievement, a lot of diseases can be successfully cured and are not threat to life any more, the statistics of the increased number of incident cases are still worrisome. Accordingly, compared to the previous decades, health insurance became the essential product for a modern human being. Important question is which company addresses to the XXI century challenges and requirements.

TBC Insurance created critical diseases related insurance product in cooperation with one of the leading Swiss insurance companies on the international market – ‘Swiss Re’ that insures against 7 critical diseases: malignant tumor, heart attack, stroke, heart bypass, benign brain tumor, paralysis and blindness.

გოგონა მუშაობს თიხაზე

Product can be used by people aged between 18 and 61. Those people who already have experienced at least one of these above-mentioned diseases or are in the process of waiting for the test results of these diseases cannot use this insurance.

ლეპტოპი, პასტა, ბლოკნოტი

While purchasing the product insurance policy offered me different limits – with minimum being 25 000 GEL and maximum 75 000 and for TBC Status clients-150 000 GEL. It is easy to purchase  policy online and chose maximum limit. In case of having one of these diseases in future the amount will be fully covered. After the reimbursement procedure the company gives me freedom to decide how to spend that amount of money.

ლეპტპი, სამშაო მაგიდა, კომპიუტერი

Although health insurance packages of different companies have 6 month waiting period before the insurance enters into force, Extra health insurance waiting period is only 3 months. What does it mean? – On the second day after purchasing the policy my insurance period took off and if after 3 months from that date a diagnosis will show one of the diseases mentioned above the expenses will already be subject to reimbursement. Other companies do not reimburse in case of diagnosing cancer on its first stage, whereas Extra health insurance reimburses 10% of the amount.

რეზინის ხელთათმანებიანი ხელები

In case of necessity, MSO can provide contacting the world’s leading clinics such as :Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals – US; Philadelphia International Medicine – US; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) US; Kings College of London – London, UK and etc., preparing the necessary medical documentation and organizing video consultations with the leading specialists. With the help of NAVIGATOR a patient will be able to travel to the selected country, will be provided with meeting, transportation, relocation at the nearby hotel, supervising the treatment processes, purchasing the medication and traveling back to Georgia after the treatment. The advantage of these services is that they are not subject to waiting period and insurance can be used on the first day after purchase.

კაცი, ქალი და ბავშვი ბედნიერად იცინიან

Trust and goodwill is doubled towards the company which cares about children. Insuring children free of charge with the same conditions is the one of the best points of this insurance. When you buy insurance for yourself your children are automatically insured as well. They will be able to use the policy with the same conditions till the age of 18. If a child will need our policy the payable limit will not be deducted.

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