How to make healthy eating as our lifestyle

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According to how people think the emergence of fast food in the food industry has been the result of the incredible pace of the modern life and the schedule of the busy people. However, the real history started thousands of years ago when in ancient Rome they sold dough sheets covered with olive oil.

It turns out that we, humans, always had the craving to get full quickly, easily and cheaply. However, time after time, the right priorities in the developed countries made healthy eating essential and social networks made it trendy. The tendencies also reached Georgia.

For the last three years people have started to observe what they eat. In the modern generation people have started working from the earlier age, thus got used to live independently which made them start taking care of themselves. Healthy eating is the precondition for general well-being. The everyday advice from the Chef Tamta Kikaleishvili will help us find out how to switch to healthy eating gradually.

What we think and what really is right

If our breakfast is too heavy we feel hungrier throughout the whole day. It was long believed that hefty breakfast is good for our health. However, the latest studies prove that this is not true.

More moderately we eat in the morning, the same way our day continues. Compressed rye bread with seeds, egg, small amount of cheese and coffee – this is the right way to kick it off.

We all love it but it is not healthy to bite off cheese every occasion we end up next to it in the kitchen. This way we fill our bodies with excessive fat. Try not to eat more than 50-60 grams of cheese per day. The product that we better forget once and for all is French fries, also – mayonnaise. However, we can make our own mayonnaise at home which will be without preservatives and will taste better.

There are unconditionally healthy products but variety and rationing is still very important. We should not eat the same type of fruit or vegetable every day. A bit of olive oil and lemon juice, avocado, broccoli, asparagus – this sort of salad is a cocktail of vitamins. Add some nuts as well to get some necessary fat for skin and hair.

Healthy eating is the mixture of healthy products and the way of cooking. We all know that vegetables are healthy but not everybody knows how to cook them in a way that they do not lose their healthy substances. The most harmful thing to do is to cook them in the oil over a certain temperature. Thus, stick to steaming, simmering or baking your vegetables, fish or meat.

We can make the right choices even in the limited time. The healthiest and easiest solution is to spread garlic, avocado, salt and pepper on a rye bread. Have it with some eggs and you will be filled with energy that can last long.

Blended flaxseed has the viscidity of an egg. A juice from a canned chickpea is a replacement for a protein. We can also use it to make a home-made mayonnaise; it tastes better and consists of 7 times less preservatives. We can alter yeasty bread with lavash. Proteins from meat are essential. However, we can get the same substance from the beans.
ავოკადო, ლიმონი

Baked fruit with honey is easy, healthy and a very tasty dessert. Generally, honey is an irreplaceable product rich in health benefits. Sweeten your kompot with honey instead of sugar – this way you will get rid of harmful glucose.

In order to make our children want to eat healthy food it has to vary in colors and be visually attractive. Also, we ought to make sure that eating for our kids is a ritual rather than a mere way to get full. Every child gets excited with a dinner put on a beautiful plate on a nicely set table. Involve them in the cooking process; turn your family dinners into a tradition.

In order to break the myth that healthy eating requires a lot of time and we still end up with boring dish we can use Tamta’s healthy, easy and tasty recipe.

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Author: Mariam Kanchaveli