What worries do you free yourselves from by insuring the property?

We all know how it goes, don’t we? Finally you have managed to set out on home renovation that you have been dreaming about for centuries.

ხის მშენებარე სახლი

You have dedicated time to the endless arguments with the renovation workers where you constantly hear the phrase – ‘No, it cannot be done’, or in the afternoon when you are in the ‘looking forward to see what has been done’ mood and discover that the renovation has not even been started not to mention the fact that there are no workers inside at all…

You finally finished the renovation mess and it is already more than three months that the wireless internet service provider has been telling you that they still cannot send anybody for internet installation.

სასტურმო ტრანსილვანია

They finally turned up, every detail looks finished and everything is in order now, you can start relaxing in front of your telly and enjoy watching your favorite movie or organize a beautiful evening on the balcony surrounded by your friends. Everything seems to be smooth.

რაიან გოსლინგი, დიდი თეთრი სახლი

However, what happens if water started leaking down from your neighbor’s flat and poured down your renovation that you have cared about so much…

Exactly in order not to waste your time and energy you can insure your property and free yourself from unnecessary worries.

Property insurance protects you against the damages to the property which you own or use.  

How much does it cost to free yourself from unnecessary worries by insuring your property?
Minimum 10 and maximum 50 GEL per month according to what size your home is.

What requirements do we need to meet in order to insure?
- The most important thing is that we do not look for you in the Dracula era, which means  - The property was not built in 1955 or earlier; And the property does not change tenants similar to ‘The Amityville Horror’ which means that the property has permanent tenant. 

What worries do you free yourselves from by insuring the property? Which incidents are subject to reimbursement?
 If your neighbors are as annoying as the ones Alex and Nancy have in Danny DeVito movie ‘Duplex’, if you are tormented by ‘Wet Bandits’ as Kevin was in ‘Home Alone’, or if your property is damaged by the unexpected electrical wiring system breakdown as it was experienced by a character from the ‘Stranger Things’.

ფილმი მარტო სახლში

More specifically we insure you against the following risks:

  • The damages or complete destruction of your property as a result of the leaking water from your neighbor;
  • The damages to your property as a result of the sewerage or plumbing breakdown;
  • The damages to your property as a result of sudden and unexpected electrical wiring system breakdown;
  • Fire and explosion;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Theft, robbery, burglary;
  • Vandalism carried out by the third person.

• What kind of worries still stay with us ? Which incidents are not subject to reimbursement?
If your family members are similar to Gallagher family from ‘Shameless’ which means intentional damage to your property done by your family member

გოგონა ანგრევს კედელს

If you live in the ‘Matrix’ we cannot help you which means, Restoration/restoration related expenses of the data stored on a computer hard drive

გიფი ფილმიდან მატრიცა

If you find yourself in the civil unrest similar to the one in ‘The Dreamers’ which means damages to your property as a result of the civil unrest

გოგონა გარბის მუზეუმში

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