A History of the Hidden Photos

How do they start writing? I do not possess a broad experience in this matter; I prefer telling stories through photos. However, now I face a pretty interesting challenge. I am about to get you know to people through photos who have found themselves in front of my camera.

მოხუცი კაცი ხატავს ქვის ქანდაკებას

I have been traveling to the European cities since 2015. I have been taking photos since then and every time I promise you an exhibition… unfortunately, the date of the exhibition is still not known but as much as the number of cities I have visited increases so do the photos that depict them. Writing this blog will reduce my feeling of guilt as the box full of photos is being half opened. I am about to share the hidden photos through this blog.

ფანტანთან მსხდომი ხალხი, ქალი კითხულობს წიგნს

I am starting the story with Paris and in order to ease the writing process I am going to be helping myself with – April in Paris – a song by Vernon Duke. This is the melody that pushed me to decide to go to Paris. I must have been 19 that time when I mumbled to myself – I will go to Paris but it should happen in April. So, my first European photo series was also titled these words but I possessed them too much – ‘Ana’s Paris in April’ – this is how my American friend called the series. Moreover, we share the love of jazz!

ახალგაზრდა გამყიდველი ბიჭი

This text is not going to be full of touristic advice. The purpose of this blog is to guide you to the space of the frozen seconds in order to tell the European story. The main characters of the story are the human beings; we did not know each other but I still wonder sometimes how they are doing right now? I even manage to approach them too close but nobody knows that I am photographing them except for one waiter – but I will write about it later.

ხალხი მდელოზე წევს და ისვენებს

I will tell about some of them. The rest you can continue yourself using your own imagination.

Somebody touches my shoulder:
–Don’t you know that you cannot take photos here? – I smile embarrassingly.
– If you want me not to tell anybody take a photo of me as well and I will keep a secret.

გაღიმებული ბიჭი ჰალსტუხით

My camera and I looked at this waiter who was smoking outside on a break and who kept a promise but I still regret – I wish he knows how many people will see his photo!

It is a little bit difficult to understand how a photographer using a wheelchair managed to climb somewhere this high to take a photo of a couple but this is thanks to the luck which I will brag about

გოგო და ბიწი წვანან ქვაფენილზე და იცინიან

We, Gurians, are always in a hurry. I envy this guy’s tranquility. His calmness, unfortunately for very short, but was still contagious..

კაცი ზის სკამში და უყურებს ჰორიზონტზე ხედს

I wonder about how many interesting topics he discusses with his own self in the middle of the park being completely alone. This is a photo about which we argued a lot. In spite of the fact that Paris is quite colorful, I knew even before taking off that the photo series about Paris in April would be black and white. Making this photo black and white is still something my friend Lia, who traveled with me to five countries, cannot forgive me. These people for her are as close and familiar as for me.

You got to know the concept of the colors of this photo: a French woman in her 70s with an orange rose in her hair and red wildflowers on her dress wearing also a colorful pair of sandals enjoys an April sun. Time after time she arranges her hair and pulls her dress over her knees – today is the day to get a French suntan!

ქალი სარაფნით და ყვავილით თმაში

ხალხი ფანტანთან

მოხუცი ქალი ნაუშნიკებით ისვენებს ხის ძირას

ავტობუსის გაჩერება, ველოსიპედი, ქვაფენილი, ხალხი

კაცი და ქალი სხედან და ეხუტებიან ერთმანეთს

კაცი, მტრედები, ქვაფენილი


კაფე, მიმტანი ბიჭი ეწევა სიგარეტს


წყვილი ზის სკამზე, ველოსიპედი


მანეკენი თეთრ კაბაში

კაცი ზის და ხატავს, ნახატები

And finally – Paris without Eiffel is unimaginable. During our 6 day trip only one of them was rainy and trust my words without any romantic banality – Paris changes its color when it is raining.

წვიმა, ეიფელის კოშკის პატარა სუვენირი, ველოსიპედი

ავტორი: Ana Goguadze