How does ‘Extra’ insurance for critical illnesses differ from the standard insurance plan

In today’s world, taking into consideration the increasing number of illnesses, decreasing the age of patients and how much the medication costs, standard health insurance has become the essential product for everybody. It has given us support and discount on services such as: appointments with a doctor, medical examinations, purchasing the prescribed medication and etc. However, sometimes even the most expensive health insurance package cannot cover the expenses that are followed by the particular diagnosis. Treating some of the severe illnesses often come with the huge financial expenses that are not either fully covered by the standard health insurance package or not covered at all.

გოგონა ზის ცისფერ დივანზე და მუხლეზე უდევს ლეპტოპი

This is the reason why we want to introduce the benefits of having ‘Extra’ insurance for critical illnesses alongside with the standard health insurance package.

Checking diagnosis and organizing treatment abroad

Standard health insurance provides a partial reimbursement of expenses by limits or co-financing for only specific medical services (family doctor, medication, planned or emergency hospitalization, planned or emergency medical visit).

სამედიციო ხელტათმანები

Regarding ‘Extra’ insurance, it gives you the possibility to check the diagnosis and prescribed treatment free of charge (retrieving medical second opinion) abroad at clinics such as: Harvard medical School teaching hospitals – US, Philadelphia International Medicine – US, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) – US, King’s College of London – UK and etc. After receiving the precise diagnosis ‘Extra’ insurance package provides organizing treatment either at the same clinics abroad or at different ones according to the preference of an insured person.

In order to use a service you simply call ‘TBC Insurance’ hot line and we provide you with the preparation of your medical documents, translation and sending them to the clinic you wish to choose.

Checking diagnosis and organizing treatment under ‘Extra’ health insurance is handled by our American partner ‘MediGuide’ which is present in more than 40 countries and serves the citizens of more than 152 nations.

Insuring your children free of charge

კაცი, ქალი და ბავშვი სხედან დივანზე და მობილურით იღებენ სურათს

If a standard health insurance offers insuring your children aged 1-18 only after paying a specific amount of money, ‘Extra’ health insurance provides insurance for children aged 1-18 automatically, free of charge with the same conditions. Regardless the number of children, if both parents are insured the insurance limits add up for them.

Services that standard insurance does not cover

As mentioned before the standard health insurance covers medical expenses, whereas ‘Extra’ health insurance provides reimbursing the predetermined sum of money in case there is a diagnosis of a severe illness. These illnesses include: heart attack, coronary artery bypass surgery in case of a necessity, stroke, paralysis, blindness, malignant tumor, benign brain tumor.

‘Extra’ health insurance first and foremost serves to insure these seven illnesses and fully covers the related medical expenses according to the purchased limit. The limit is determined individually and varies between 25 000 and 75 000 GEL. In case of status clients the amount increases and ranges between 25 000 and 150 000 GEL.

‘Extra’ insurance gives you freedom to administer the sum of money according to our wish and necessity.

What is more, ‘Extra’ insurance differs from other similar products and alongside with numerous benefits offers you only three month waiting period instead of six.

‘Extra’ insurance can be purchased by anybody; - if you add extra insurance to your already existing standard insurance package you will result in having the unique insurance combination.

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