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Let's go to the subway

As long as I continue writing a photo blog let’s get down to subway! Stockholm – I could never think I would ever go there. It all happened in one night about which I will tell later – before that let’s get to subway!

Although I love reading, I figured out that I was going to the country of Karlsson-on-the-Roof only after I had already purchased a ticket. It was a pure unexpected happiness that before the concert I could go to Astrid Lindgren’s ‘Junibacken’. I cried with happiness there as well – not only when I saw Paul; but I said I would tell about it later!

Okay, so: I hate cold – when I sit too long my blood does not flow as ‘Gurian pace’ deserves so I always choose warm temperature for both: taking photos and traveling. My travel destinations should also meet two main criteria: wheelchair accessibility and warm weather. It seems like when people are warm I feel cold and if they feel hot then I am warm.

I did not know that there is a heaven for wheelchair accessibility on Earth! I still think up until now – Stockholm is a city with no obstacles. However, it is very cold and please, let’s get to subway!... this is the phrase that I said most and these people, whose photos you are now seeing, I met in subway.

It does not very comfortable to travel and take photos at the same time when it is cold, especially when you carry a camera and you need to hurry – because what kind of photo will I end up with if I don’t find a proper focus?

I went to Stockholm with completely different purpose, one of my life’s most memorable occasions is linked to this trip but like Paris – I had to travel, take photos at the same time and use my time wisely before the main day would come which meant I had to take a lot of photos…

The first two days I had no idea how to take photo because it was freezing cold outside – however, it was very warm in subway stations!

I will tell the story of Stockholm through my photos, I met here a lot of people too and some of them were looking into their phones.

 And for some - nobody existed except for one.

Some were thinking a lot and some were just enjoying the daily routine.

I also found out that even in the stations full of people sometimes people end up being alone not only mentally but physically as well… Sometimes you could not see people or hear a thunderous sound of the trains rushing on rails.

I don’t like taking ‘selfies’ in the mirror too much. Discovering the ‘Dance Museum’ was very random - as random as my whole Swedish trip. I cannot brag about having experience in dancing but I managed to snap a wandering photographer in Stockholm subway station – myself.

–  Okay lets go up from Subway already, Paul’s concert is about to start! After leaving the subway station I rolled towards the stadium to listen to Paul’s concert. I call him Paul because he is very familiar to me – I have been listening to him since I was 4! I am going to the McCartney concert for the second time!! I decided to go to Stockholm to attend his concert. The first time it was in Warsaw but as I promised you I would share a personal story, while writing this blog, I will admit – when I attended his concert for the first time something bad happened to me… As an eager fan of ‘Beatles’ I could never think that the second chance would ever come but as my friend – Nino Katamadze says – ‘miracles happen’ and that bad thing ended with me attending the McCartney concert for the second time. Before entering the stadium they told me I could not take photos anymore but I went to Stockholm for Paul so I managed to take a photo of him.  

It started to rain heavily after the concert: - Let’s get down to subway, we will head home and I will take photos at the same time.  

Author: Ana Goguadze