The archaeological discoveries prove that the origins of the medicinal herbs have roots thousands of years back. First, Sumer people started making the lists of the plants with health benefits whereas, the knowledge about the medicinal herbs in ancient Egypt was discovered on the papyrus buried in the tombs.

If the consistency of the herbs was not studied by the traditional medicine, later, thanks to the biological and chemical analysis, clinical experiments and biomedical research, the consisting elements of the herbs became widely known and started to get used in medicine; their expiration date and frequency became defined and their qualities were turned into the modern phytotherapy.

How can we use the herbal benefits for our health? To answer this question we address to Irakli Chokoraia – a phytotherapy physician who will provide us with advice and experience. First of all, we should not think that phytotherapy and pharmaceutical substances are incompatible. Both of them have their advantages and purposes. Phytotherapy is mostly used for prevention and healing purposes using the neutral molecules from the herbs. The impact of the herbs on our health is much less dangerous and toxic; it does not trigger addiction and allergy.

The only side effect the herbs might have on the health condition of the consumers can be conditioned by individual problems which should be expected during any kind of treatment. For instance, celandines in the traditional medicine were used to cleanse the body and sedate. However, the medical research showed that taking celandine extract longer than one week is dangerous. Also, taking too much pepper, which is regarded to activate the blood flow, can cause gastritis and peptic ulcer disease (PUD).

Information in Herbs
All herbs carry specific information and experience. When they grow in natural surrounding the final version of their seed shows how much care and attention a person in charge has dedicated. The emotion and energy given off during the caring period come back to us in the face of a product. Taking this into account, a product, planted in the large plantation, fed with chemical pesticides and herbicides and cared with agricultural machinery will never give off the same taste, flavor and health benefits. This is not a fantasy. This is a simple reality that a modern human being abandoned.

Problem Prevention
When, for example, we suffer from headaches, we take painkillers, which start to be effective in a couple of minutes. However, a better attitude would be to think of the prevention before we face the actual problem and need to fight the result. Adding the healthy herbs to the everyday eating habits can prevent us from the necessity to have doctor appointments. Drinking tea made out of savory, thyme, parsley or celery is a good prophylactic measure. What is more, bitter mugwort is an effective anti-flu remedy. Although because of the bitter taste we cannot use it in culinary, it still remained to be useful as an extract for the body cleansing purposes

Phytotherapy and Culinary
It is of high importance to observe our food not only in terms of their taste but health benefits as well. We have long used parsley, coriander, celery, savory, thyme or saffron in the culinary but they are also rich in health benefits. Therefore, the dishes made out of these herbs have functional purpose as well. Add pennyroyal or a simple mint leaf to the salad; a rocket which is consisted of essential oil and glycoside helps blood circulation.

You can also replace coffee and energy drinks with a healthy cocktail – grate 1.5 inch piece of ginger, add 200 g. of boiling water and keep the mixture still for about 20-30 minutes. Add honey and lemon juice to taste. You can also replace coffee with chicory as the drink made out of its roots is full with vitamins and tastes very similar to coffee.

A Right Start of the Day
The modern, fast pace of everyday life helped the fast food to emerge as part of our eating habits. We cannot avoid fast food completely, thus it would be recommended to start a day with extracts which cleanse our bodies. Chamomile, oregano, horsetail and dog-rose – add half a liter of boiling water to a one tablespoon of the herbs mentioned above and take either cold or warm before breakfast for the duration of 10 days.

Herbs with Sedation Purposes

Taking savory, aniseed or thyme extracts in the evening sedates the nervous system. Also, if you take ethanol garlic extract before going to sleep your good night’s sleep will be insured – mix chopped or crushed garlic with ethanol, keep in dark place for 10 days and drain. Take it during one week and increase the number of drops gradually. Taking raw garlic frequently boosts the resistance and prevents the cancer cells from developing.

Nettles are rich not only in vitamins but in carotene and chlorophylls too. Its extract helps metabolism and adding vinegar and water to its leaves prevents hair from falling

Oat extract
Add two cups of cold water to one full cup of oat. Keep the mixture still for 24 hours and then add 3 liters of water. Boil until the liquid is 1 liter. Cool it down and drain. Take it three times a day, before eating. It helps the body to drive out stones and sediment.

It was long ago when people discovered celandines and named them the ‘savior’ herbs. However, stronger effect it has, more careful we need to be in order not to get poisoned. Celandine extract can prevent us from dozens of health problems. It is better to pick them before blooming – in the period of April-May. Add a glass of water to one tablespoon of shredded celandine leaf and keep the mixture still for 24 hours. Take half a glass of liquid 15 minutes before eating during one week.

Sea Buckthorn
Sea buckthorn is indeed a unique herb in terms of its biochemical compound. Both a modern medicine and cosmetology use its liquid, oil or the raw sea buckthorn itself. Sea buckthorn speeds up healing process of wounds, cuts and helps their regeneration; it has antibiotic function as well. You can apply sea buckthorn oil to the burned area of the skin. It is also very helpful to mix its oil with the essential oils, fruit and vegetable porridges and vegetable soups

A Bouquet of Body Cleansers
You can prepare a body cleansing bouquet using the following plants: dog-rose, horsetail, corn silk, yarrows, dill, nettles, and fennel seeds. A mixture can cleanse the body from the sediment and harmful substances help stomach to work properly, boost the immune system and distinctively improve the general health condition. Each consisting herb of the mixture individually is also very helpful. The mixture of these herbs does not bear any side effects.

Author Mariam Kanchaveli