I believe that I am not the only one who misses walking with jacket in Summer. In winter, it is contrary - sometimes the body, often burdened with heavy clothing dreams for warm weather, and so on – endlessly.

ოთხი გოგონა წევს მზეზე სათვალეებით ბარსელონაში

In my childhood time, when I used to wait for summer to put my knee high socks on and when there was more time to play, I often heard adults' famous phrase - if you go to sea, you have to go at the end of September - "Velvet Season"!

დაივინგი თევზები წყალქვეშ აკვარიუმი

Back then, I never understood what the “Velvet Season” was going to be like, or why you have to go to the sea in the fall when you have 3 month in Summer for that.

ლურჯი ზღვის ხედი ვერანდიდან

Then, as you grow up, you start to speak the language of adults, but sometimes if you are lucky it’s not bad. As the "Little Prince" says - All grown-ups were once children but only few of them remember it.

This is how I ended up as grown up on the Spanish coast!

შეყვარებულები ზღვის პირას მზის ჩასვლისას

While traveling to Madrid and Barcelona, I discovered that one of the most important details of this travel album is the shooting range. It turns out that I had the opportunity to find some interesting footages.

ვეს ანდერსონის ფერები ორი კაცი ყვითელ კედელთან

When shooting from this angle, you have a wider choice for creating your owns versions of the story. For example: What are the girls talking about?

ხილის სმუზი

Who it the owner of this dog….and so on

ლაბრადორი და სამი დაქალი

Cause I started writing about my discoveries, I would say that it is best to go to sea in the fall. Energy that you have spent throughout the year, refreshes fully coming together at the end of summer by going to sea, and it's quite different to shoot ...

ქვიშიანი ზღვის სანაპირო და ლუდები

I have to tell you about woman with beautiful legs Paloma too! You know, the characters in my photos, in most cases, don't even know that I am taking their photos, But I could not avoid Paloma ... I had to get as close as possible – so I dared and rolled.

ბარის მაგიდასთან საუბრობენ მეგობრები

- Antonio Antonio !! Then he says something in Spanish that I don't understand, but according to my interpretation, he tells the guys that I want to shoot her, and most importantly, she was happy about that.

Paloma, this is the name of this woman who was partying with "guys" at "Fiesta" in the evenings. So I wanted to shoot her close so that I didn't miss the exception.

ქალი ზის ვიტრინასთან

The people who were alone during this trip deserved special attention.

ძაღლი ადამიანის მეგობარია მარტოობაშიც არ ტოვებს

Madrid and Barcelona, too, are a crowded, and free cities, but I still found people with sad emotions

მარტო ყოფნისას ზღვის ხედი ამშვიდებს

When talking about the seasons of year with friends, one thought will surely come up - no, I will never get fed up with summer!

სიყვარული ყველას უფლებაა და სიყვარული ლამაზია

It was October but it was very warm when I saw this girl, I think she was missing a wearing a jacket like me ...

გოგონა ბარში ლუდის ჭიქით ელოდება მეგობარს

Author Ana Goguadze