I grew up in this house. I’ve spent most of my life here and to me, every single detail of this place is natural. Initially, the house was purchased by my great grandparents, and that marked the beginning of its history. Three generations have lived here, with each one of them leaving a lasting mark, which, to me, may never be erased.

დიდი ნათელი ფანჯრები, მზის სხივები შემოდის ფანჯარაში, ნახატები, ყვავილები

Here, we have furniture and other items that my family has accumulated over the course of the years. There is no room for other objects here, but it is impossible for me to let anything go, because each item has its story.

წითელკაბიანი გოგონა და ორი პატარა ბავშვი

The house has been recognized as a cultural heritage asset, which, to me, is huge responsibility. It basically means that not only do you protect this treasure, but you also act as a sort of a chronicler, who must preserve the place for future generations.

სხვადასხვა ნახატი დაკიდებულია თეთრ კედელზე

You will find Amir’s pieces in every room and every corner of the house. Even though we used to consider his art a bit scary when we were children, everything was so organic and so intimate that it ended up influencing our character and views immensely.

გოგონა ზის სავარძელში, და ხელში უჭირავს ნახატი, რომელსაც უყურებს

My memories of this place are still alive. Merely opening my secret drawer is sufficient to bring my childhood back to life. The drawer used to be located under the piano and it is still there to this day. I used to store meaningful objects, letters, drawings here. I would end up forgetting about them completely, but their re-discovery would bring me infinite joy.
ჩანგალი ნახატზე

This is a space in which each corner has its unique history. Each individual has an ability to create a home based on his/her vision. To me, this house is not just its walls and rooms, but a work of art created by three different generations.

მანეკენის ხელის მტევანი, სურათის ჩარჩო

I believe that a home is a visual expression of a person’s internal universe. Each tiny detail is significant here, and I always try to make sure that not a single object enters this unique space for no particular reason. As if something keeps dictating a balance of sorts, resulting in peace and coziness.

წიგნებით სავსე წიგნების კარადა, შავთეთრი სურათი წიგნების კარადის ვიტრინაში

To me, this house is a living body—with its joy, pain and the character that has been influenced by some of the most important people.

Author: Mariam Kakabadze