Eurotrip, part 1

What can be more interesting than traveling? It is clear to me that I will never save money for a car, or any other expensive things, because as soon as I save some money - I spend it immediately on travel, I can’t save for anything except travel... This year, as always, I was the initiator of the idea and adventure – to arrive in Vienna, and departure back from Thessaloniki. how about that? 8 countries that we had to visit in less than 3 weeks, specifically in 18 days.

ავსტრია, შუქურა, ბუნება, ტბა

Austria - a country of arts, high culture and aristocracy. Amazingly neat and clean. Country that emits wealth and hosts numerous exhibitions, festivals, concerts and parties.

ვენა, ავსტრია

Here, people dance waltz in the streets and follow in the footsteps of Belvedere. But this luxury lacks warmth, temperament, style of Baroque really lacks humanity. Even nature itself, which is nothing short of Swiss and has a wonderful color of the sky and water, still leaves us with a sense of strange coldness.

ავსტრია, მთები, ცა, ბუნება, ტბა

Germany - as we crossed the Bavarian border, number of cyclists immediately increased on the road. I thought that main roads were planned for bicycles, not for cars. If you mix Austrian sophistication, fanciness and architecture with humanity you will get Bavarian villages.

გერმანია, ბავარია, ბავარიული სოფელი, ყვავილები

Prosperity and wealth also lie in Munich. Due to the large number of students the city is full of young people. There are many museums, galleries and palaces in the city ...

გერმანია, მიუნხენი, პინაკოთეკა

 Wealth of this region was the reason of founding Schutzstaffel’s offices here. Hitler started his political career in Bavaria. A dark paper of history was being written ...

გერმანია, მიუნხენი, ნიმფენბერგის სასახლე

People's sportiness is noticeable here, everyone is fit. And, everybody rides a bike.

გერმანია, მიუნხენი, სკეიტბორდი, სკეიტბორდისტი, ბიგ მაკის ტრამპლინი, პარკი, პარალონები ბალახზე

 By the way, there are too many bike lanes there. And at the request of cyclists, the government is increasing this number every year. That means that, the car lanes are actually narrowing. During our stay there, one of the main highways in the city was blocked off to run a bike race.

გერმანია, მიუნხენი, რედბული, ველორბოლა, მოტოციკლი, მოტოციკლისტი

From Germany through Slovenia, we were going to Croatia. As you know, Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia that was a part of the Soviet Union itself, which reflected both the economic and social aspects of the country. We can't say much about Slovenia since we were only able to see a small part of it from the bus. 

კოშკი, ზადარი, ხორვატია

In Zagreb, we were staying with friends on the outskirts of town. Living quarters are a classic example of Soviet architecture. Something reminiscent of Gldani or Varketili, unlike the greener ones, is the walking zones and bike lanes.

ტრამვაი, ზაგრები, ხორვატია

The city is surrounded by slopes like old Tbilisi, there is a medieval wall, a beautiful Gothic cathedral, and white-tiled houses with small inner courtyards. Houses of Stalin’s period are like a belt of an old town. Outskirt city is built in a late period from 1960-1980 years.

The main part and the culmination of our trip should be the seaside, where we were going to stay free and easy way – in the camp, from Zagreb to Zadar, then to Split and Dubrovnik. 5-10 years ago, Croatia was a discovery for many travelers, with its beaches, lovely little islands and cozy houses. However, if the country was still very cheap, after the "Game of Thrones", prices had risen 4-5 times and the country had attracted tourists. So, today, prices are roughly equal to Italy, but the quality of service so far does not reach European tourist countries. However, I can't miss this country with the quality and scenery of the beaches ... a real paradise on earth.

ხორვატია, ზღვა, ყვითელი, ლურჯი

Our plan - to stay in the wild on the beaches in Croatia has ended in failure, as wild camping is banned and violators are fined 400 euros. There is a lot of organized camping spaces, but the price has turned out to be the choice to stay in small hotels for the same price. 

ავტორი: კიწი სამსონაძე