Simple Ways for Changes in House Interior Design

Moving to a new home or making changes in the old one is always associated with tension and excitement. We are constantly in a hurry, filled with new ideas, but either the new place or our budget ends up turning out to be too small. Uncanny and charming decorations, furniture and other important details also require a sizeable investment in terms of energy and funds. However, one can come up with painless solutions through simple and low-cost interior design tricks. After all, it’s always the tiniest details that make all the difference—be it addition of a mirror, a painting, a lamp or a plant.

სახლის ლამაზი დეკორაცია ზღვის პირას


1.    In order to make an interior seem more spacious, paint smaller-sized rooms in bright colors

პატარა ლამაზი ოტახი სარკიტ და ტანსაცმლის საკიდით

Small rooms often feel confining, but large windows, bright-colored walls and mirrors will not only reflect natural light, but create an optical illusion of sorts, making the room seem much larger than its actual square footage. Darker-colored walls are not going to give you the same result—even if you integrate mirrors—and the room will look much smaller than it actually is.


2.    Use decorative mirrors to enhance light in the room

დეკორატიული სარკე ოთახში

Mirrors, apart from making small rooms look spacious, can be a clever trick in large rooms with less natural light as well. Placing a mirror parallel to the window is going to add natural light to your space. You may also use decorative mirrors instead of paintings and photographs to fill empty spots on the wall.


3.    Mix everything. Mix textiles, old and new furniture, expensive as well as low-cost, simple items

ლამაზი ვინტაჟური ავეჯი

There is nothing wrong in placing your ancestral items right next to your modern armchair. Every good interior designer will tell you that the essential aspect of decorating your home is for it to express your character and style. Thomas Chippendale’s desk, inherited by your grandfather, tells a story of its own. Your beloved modern armchair is a storyteller of your present and there is absolutely no reason why your past and present cannot coexist with beauty and taste. The same applies to paintings. You may not want to hang Salvador Dali’s and Claude Monet’s pieces side-by-side on the same wall, but having them in the same room is definitely an option. A variety of colors and patterns can add warmth and structure to your room—be it textiles, furniture, carpets or cushions.


4.    Find something more comfortable to sit on

თეთრი ტახტი, ფუმფულა ბალიში

Slipcovers can be notorious, but they are actually extremely useful. You may use them to give a new look to your furniture season-by-season. Slipcovers are ideal if you have a baby. White covers add an exceptionally comfortable, clean and sophisticated look to your room.


5.    Braided baskets

მოწნული კალათა ყვავილისათვის, კაქტუსი

 Image Credits: Transport Executive 

Braided baskets are a cost-efficient and elegant means of creating a sort of a storage space in any room. You may use baskets for architecture and décor magazines, toys, towels and comforters. Place a few small-sized baskets in your kitchen to display fruits and vegetables elegantly.


6.    Use what you already have to decorate

ქილები დეკორაციისათვის, თეფშები, ტეთრი სამზარეულო

Perhaps, we all have random items that we once placed in a box and completely forgot about. A home always needs accessories. Instead of rushing to stores to find them, look through the items that you already have. You may place a wooden, acrylic, metal or silver tray on top of a tea trolley, bedside tables or coffee tables for additional texture and dimension. Place candles, frames or books on top of them. You may frame illustrations from children’s books and hang them in your kid’s room or even in the bathroom.

წიგნები დაკიდებული კედელზე, ჭაღი


7.    Add hanging plant pots to your kitchen

თეთრი სამზარეულო მცენარეებით და ჟალუზით

Your kitchen is the ultimate space where you create a cozy atmosphere. We often spend most of our time in the kitchen—be it for food preparation, leisure or simple coffee time. Hanging plant pots are practical and elegant. For those who spend little to no time in the kitchen and think of it as a lifeless space, such plants can bring liveliness and joy to the room.


8.    Go green

დეკორატიული თაროები კედელზე და ყვავილები სიმწვანისათვის

Add plants to your home. Place them in every room, regardless of its size. Have it be plenty or few. Plants are going to add liveliness and texture to your home. Apart from being charming, many plants actually clarify the air and balance humidity.


9.    Paint or print on your book covers

წიგნების თარო, წიგნები ფერადი ყდებით

Colorful book covers are probably the best example of simple and creative décor. They are a perfect means of adding color to your room, especially if you lack the funds of budget to paint a large space. A mantelpiece or the inside of your closet door can be perfect for painting. The same applies to hallways and ceilings.


10.    Soften your wooden floor with a carpet

ხალიჩა პარკეტზე, ტაქტი და ვიტრინები

A carpet will add warmth, color and character to your room. A wooden floor is beautiful and easy to maintain, but it lacks comfort, a perfection solution for which is a carpet—particularly in cold months. You may vary carpets by season. Use warm colors for cold months and brighter colors for warmer seasons. 

Author: Likuna Khazaradze