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Konmari Method - Organizing your desk

How much do you spend on seemingly minute details during work everyday? Where did you put that document you had to sign? Did you misplace that whiteboard marker again? And why is the company seal in the first drawer? When it comes to efficient allocation of time, excellent organizational skills are not an asset for humans only—mantaining a a well organized, neat workdesk comes with a variety of benefits. Most importantly, it allows you to concentrate better and carry out your work as efficiently as possible. The KonMari method is based on 8 simple principles and promises an optimal place for every single item on your work desk.

სკამები და მაგიდა

1.    Evaluate and imagine
Focus on the time spent in your work space and your habits there. For example, imagine that you work from home and eat breakfast near your work desk while checking your e-mail…  Make a note of such habits and evaluate the benefits of this routine. Imagine your dream environment. Now remember what you’ve imagined and proceed to the next steps.

2.    Discard and sort things out
Remove everything from your work desk and empty out all your drawers. “Everything” entails even the smallest details—including bookmarks and photos on your computer screen. Categorize everything into four groups: books, papers, small accessories and keepsakes (objects with sentimental value).

ფანქრები დალაგებულია ფერების მიხედვით

3.    Clean it up
Take advantage of this opportunity to clean your work desk, computer screen, keyboard and everything else on it. Dust and dirt accumulate daily and since you rarely have time or chance to clean things up thoroughly, this is your chance.

ლამაზი ილუსტრაციები კედელზე

4.    Move things around
Take a moment to analyze how convenient your current allocation of items actually is. Perhaps, you would prefer to move things around, or relocate your work desk and/or youc omputer. Decide and proceed.

დიდი ფანჯრები

5.    Get rid of the clutter
Revisit the four categories you have created. Evaluate each one and place every item in order (for example, pens, pencils, work documents etc.). Decide whether or not you derive satisfaction from each of them. Do you need them to carry out your work? Or do they go well with your work space? You must discard everything that you consider to be of no functional value, source of pleasure or simply a nice addition to your work environment.

ნაუშნიკი, კალკულატორი, პირსახოცი

6.    Decorate
Now it’s time to return the items you end up keeping back to the work desk or the drawer where it belongs. Try to ensure that every surface—both of your desk and each item on it—is as clean and shiny as possible. Make sure you are convinced that each item is specifically where it needs to be—“home.”

ფლომასტერები, მაკრატელი, რვეული

7.    Discard, return or give away
Categorize unwanted items into three groups: the ones you must discard, give away or return to its “home” (for example, books that you’ve borrowed from your coworker). Either get to work right away or make a plan for the nearest future that you can actually stick to.

წიგნები, ტაროები

8.    Create a new routine
Now remember what you initially imagined and decide whether or not you would like to create a new routine for your workplace and the space you’re surrounded with. In order for your desk not to end up in a mess again, every evening, each time to finish your day, return each item you use back to its “home.”


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