B bot's assistance feature

Another new and very important feature has been added to the BOT. In addition to being the first insurance chatbot in Georgia and having 11,479 travelers insured from 2017 to date, it is also the only one to help you get medical care abroad directly from Facebook Messenger without making any additional calls.

ბი ბოტის ფორმის საცურაო კამერა, საცურაო აუზი

What does this mean? - Until now, if you needed any unforeseen medical assistance while traveling, I would have to call International Assistance or TBC Insurance Hotline. Now, instead, you can chat with the bot directly, then determine which country and city you are in, and what kind of help you need. With this information in mind, Bi Bot will provide you with a list of provider clinics where you will only pay $ 100 or € for your franchise, or your affiliate, while the rest will be covered by TBC Insurance. If you decide to go to a non-provider clinic, please note that within 48 hours of returning to Georgia you must contact the hotline to submit the required documentation within 2 42 22 22 and 15 calendar days.

If you do not want to replace your SIM card while traveling, then the new service is for you and you can easily get help from B bot directly in Messenger via roaming internet or Wi-Fi.