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Host Insurance

TBC Insurance has another new product for customers. Home rentals are often associated with certain risks. You can’t always guess what kind of guest you may have, or what kind of guest is your neighbor hosting. However, you can already get rid of unnecessary thoughts about such things and quietly rent your home with insurance against risks such as:

- Damage of the property through negligence of possession and disposal

- Damage or destruction of property with water coming from the neighbor

- Damage to property caused by sudden or unexpected discharge of sewage or water supply

- Damage of property caused by sudden and unexpected breakdown of wiring and heating systems

- Fire and explosion

- Natural disasters

- Theft by penetration, robbery, robbery


სახლის დაზღვევა, გაქირავება, ცისფერი, აივანი, გოგონა

Who is insurance for:

- If you are the owner of the apartment

- If you live permanently in your apartment

Host insurance covers Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Bakuriani, and Gudauri. It can be purchased online from GEL 12 per month.