Hello. I am Irakli. 4 months ago, I packed my bag and left. Why have I left? I do not know. I was thinking it was about making my dream come true: to travel and go around the Earth.

Soon, I realized that you should not dream of something that is right in front of you! It is the same as to dream of walking in the rain but staying at home while it is raining. I think we are refusing to be happy and we are even afraid of it. We deprive ourselves of colorful emotions and set up restrictions. Maybe, loaded with stress, we are able to better adapt to the system. I do not have anything against this system... If there we no banks, factories, cars, police, borders and militaries, perhaps things would become even more difficult, even traveling. On the other hand, maybe - not. Nevertheless, this system is a part of our world. We created it and it is up to us to live either in it, or outside of it. The simpler and more accessible is our dream, the more we procrastinate about it. Therefore, there should not be such phrase as “I'm dreaming of traveling”! We just feel comfortable sitting at home, while it is raining adventures outside.

Now I am in the Himalayan Mountains. I live in a hippy community, set on the valley of the mountain slope, in one of the sacred gorges for the locals. I have been here for the last two weeks. No comfort, no electricity. Only the forest, barefoot people and the food that has been collected here.

I climbed the mountain slopes, from where the sunset looks better and I can connect to the internet. So, while I was walking up on the slope and my feet were freezing from the ground soaked with yesterday’s storm, I thought, how did I ever get here? I thought how are the people so happy in such harsh conditions. Perhaps the most important thing is to do what pleases you, and then your way will lead you everywhere on its own.

On foot, I have already crossed the fifth border during the last four months. I cannot say that I am a traveler or have a special love for sightseeing. I can check out the touristic sites in “Google” too.

In fact, I'm just going to the countries and I live there until I absorb it all in; then, one day, I realize that if I do not go now, it will be hard to leave tomorrow. It will be hard because you meet new friends everywhere, new family members, new jobs, sometimes - a loved one. So, it is the hardest to leave it all and keep walking on my way. Well, my path is not the one of a “traveler” as much as it is of a “nomad”.

I do not know why and how it happens but when you start doing what you really want and what is truly yours, you are instantly turning into a lucky man. Accumulating and consequently radiating a positive energy. That is why you always encounter interesting people. You are given the opportunity and the power to help others too. Receiving hundred times more in return. I have never done anything in my life equaling to the amount of support I have received during this trip. Incredible amount of people are helping me, trying to find shelter for me, to provide me with the internet connection and sometimes - with finances...

Emotions that I receive from others matter the most. That is why I like to write knowing that my emotions would have readers – they would choke me otherwise. Recently, I was granted with a travel insurance and since then I feel calmer and safer. Asian countries are not the places, where one could feel safer without insurance.

There is a long way ahead - the shortest route around the planet.

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