Host yards of Tbilisi

As photography has suddenly invaded my life, I had realized that my perception of the world has completely changed. If I hadn't paid attention to everyday things around me before, now I'm trying not to miss a single detail. Mobile photography allowed me to chase shots and not miss a single second. The combination of symmetry, color, and light shade always comes together in one small story, especially when the environment allows it.

კაცი მისეირნობს ქუცაში

And now I'll tell you about a city that keeps a lot of stories in its backyard, and if you listen carefully, it'll tell you everything. Traditions, customs, historical heritage are gathered in one just piece. I discussed the traditions and possibly the hospitality is one of the first things we always liked it’s also popular for many foreign ethnicities. "The Host - Lord of Home and Joy" (Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani, Georgian Dictionary, Tbilisi, 1991, p. 446) No one treats the guest so well as a Georgian.

For me, the culture of hospitality is built on the two main things: the coziness of the home and the friendliness of the host. It is difficult for the camera to reflect abstract concepts, though it is not difficult to observe with your imagination: to imagine and relive the sensations.

გაფენილი სარეცხი, ცისფერი ჟაკეტი

Old houses on the old streets are always attractive to any visitor. Houses, coziness, warm scent of the cooking process and of course its integral part - laundry.
During my time in the different yards, I observed them. I heard different voices entering every foreign place - sometimes laughing, talking aloud, some arguing and some releasing music from the closed windows.

The Authenticity of the houses are permanent, and no one needed to decorate the walls, since they were home. Perhaps if I were to steal emotions indefinitely, I would be a thief of emotions.

The scents were different too. And the difference also varies through the seasons, Autumn - The smell of burnt firewood in winter wore off. In spring and summer, water-soaked land and plants.

სარეცხი გაფენილია და დაკიდებული ტროსებზე

Even in complete silence and inaction, laundry was always inside. I don't know if it’s just my weird obsession, but it is really unusual to have a piece of laundry hanging. Pieces that can tell a lot of stories.

ქალის ლანდი და ჩრდილი, რომელიც აფენს სარეცხს

Definitely visit the streets of Tbilisi, take a look in the yards, browse the balconies and then stop at one spot - laundry. Easily identify who this detergent belongs to. Shape, color, spreading manner ... - With all this, the detergent will give you a chance to meet its master
The first personal exhibition was also related to laundry, under the heading "Exhibition".

გაფენილი პირსახოცი, მაისურები და საცვლები შრება

In my opinion, no city is as rich in diversity as Tbilisi. Initially, because I needed to get permission from people to get them, my artwork seemed to lack something.

თბილისის მეტრო, ხალხი ზის მეტროს ვაგონში

I slowly warmed up and began to describe strangers around me. Some with permission, some with no permission. Color or black and white shots. They inspired the spirit and loaded the story with natural>

ხალიჩები, მოხუცი კაცი სათვალეებით

Different characters come up in different places. No one with the same story. They may not know you, but you all remember one phase of their lives as part of your great history.

ქალი დგას ჭიშკრის უკან

The city will be filled with air filled with hospitality. You will meet people of different ethnicities on the street. They admire the beauty that Tbilisi has to offer.

მომლოცველი ხალხი შედის სამლოცველოში

Some are arriving temporarily, some even sharing the daily routine that Georgians are going through in this inexhaustible city: at home, at work, talking to God ... This city understands the host's responsibility and never forgets.

კაცები ლოცულობენ

The characters add more color to the scene, and the stills in photography are more charming. These emotions will take you wherever you go and give you more thirst - to figure everything out and not miss a single section of your own.

ყვავილების გამყიდველი კაცი, ყვითელი ყვავილები და ლურჯი ქოლგა

People hide their thoughts, gaze at the distant horizon. People who are humans.

I once wondered if there was a prototype of the old barber - the old town, with the white coat and the scissors in the heart pocket of that coat. Here's what I decided: neither kharat nor the old environment. The client was freed from excessive choking. I was asked to shoot. I'm not in good shape. You look great. Got acquainted. 

"Okay, I'll fix my hair..."

Barber would start making his own hair because of a busy day, just as his client forgot about this shot and started "prettier" to take photos.

თმის სტილისტი კაცი თმას ივარცხნის, და შავი გედის პლაკატი გაკრულია კედელზე

We have extraordinarily amazing and interesting behaviors that we can't even imagine. While watching this footage, I find myself in front of a loving grandfather who is both motivated by his work and by the direct meaning of the word.

You may have realized that one day is not enough to get to know and feel this unusual city. However, being tired at the end of the day does not bother us. Neither does Tbilisi complain about the lack of resting places. It has what you love: I prefer to wait in the dusk to soak up the ambiance and meet with Ace Dancing if you can watch your creations in tranquility and calm.

გოგონა ზის მაგიდასთან, რომელიც მზის სხივებით არის განათებული

Personally, I belong to the second category, waiting for the sun's rays to come along with their loved ones with a cup of coffee.

მაგიდაზე დევს პატარა სანათი, რომელსაც ძალიან ლამაზად ეცემა მზის სხივები

Tbilisi is an inexhaustible city with its surroundings and characters. It doesn't matter if you are a photographer or just a time traveler, try to be attentive and not miss anything. Here every detail is important. And if you see it, you can boldly say, "Do not be deprived of everything.


Author: Tika Jabanashvili

Photos: Tika Jabanashvili