Renting a home can be a great and emotionally exhausting process. Everyone loves the apartment furnished with taste, character and great energy. Unless you are renting your house to a high-end corporation and people like Big Little Lies employers who will not make millions, it may be better to keep a lease and have your rental property insured. 

ქალი წითელ კაბაში   

Sometimes happens that you can be as unlucky as a Lost character - Hugo and damage your property in seconds or be destroyed by smoke, fire or explosion.

მსუქანი ბიჭი გარბის

It is often the case that your neighbor may not be fully paddling, but having a family member like him or her can be like a Paddington, so dropping water from a neighbor's house can cause damage to your rented home.

გიფი ფილმიდან პადინგტონი

Or, it happens that you rent out your home to such a disordered person as Jesse from Breaking Bad and his negligent actions are likely to damage your loved home.

ბიჭი იქნებს ბიტას

More precisely, you, as the host, will be protected by the host's insurance against the following:
• Damage by your tenant to your possession
• Damage or destruction of property by water coming from a neighbor
• Damage to property caused by sudden or unexpected disruption of sewage or water supply
• Damage to property by sudden and unexpected failure of the wiring and heating systems
• Fires and explosions
•    Natural disasters
• Theft by penetration, robbery, robbery
• Vandalism committed by a third party

However, if you find Eddie Murphy or another Prince of Africa from Coming to America at home and at his own expense decided to buy a Jacuzzi or other luxury item, it is not your debt to care for it.ჯაკუზი, ედი მერფი

Author: Likuna Khazaradze