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House, where the mood is created by us

I fell in love with my place at first sight. It fulfilled every requirement I had: it was close to a park and, more importantly, very sunny! I did not even look at anything else after seeing it—I called Ako right away and told him that this was exactly what we had been looking for.

It feels like my apartment and I can understand each other, as everything there has been created according to my taste.

The place has many large windows, so that ample sunlight flows in. I try to integrate as many natural details as possible—wooden furniture, floors and plants, which keep the nature as close as humanly possible, liven up the space and creates a particular kind of peace. Everything here has been arranged in a way that we never get bored or overwhelmed by it.

It is the inhabitants and their personalities that contribute to what a home feels like—more so than objects or walls. I live with my husband and two children, and I think there is no need for anything else, as we are the ones who set the mood here.

I often think that this place would have been different, had it been inhabited by somebody else.

Each room plays a unique role throughout the day—I always prefer to stay where there is more sunlight. However, a tiny room where I work, read and paint is perhaps my favorite—that is where I get to do what gives me peace and creates harmony.

We try not to hold on to objects too much, but sometimes it is hard not to. I love hosting guests most of all. It has always been like that—my friends have always loved getting together at my place. We kept saying before moving here that we would definitely buy a large table for our new place, so that there would be ample space for everyone. However, Mr. Rezo Gabriadze painted a table for Ako’s parents a little while ago and were were so fascinated by it that we ended up giving up on the idea of getting a large table and host our get-togethers around this small table.

It is important to us not to let an excess item into our place—only what we need or what we love very much. And we certainly love paintings. We always try to purchase new ones to celebrate particular events, such as moving to a new place or our children’s birthdays. However, I do remember a couple of times when the opposite happened—we actually celebrated getting a painting.

Due to our hectic schedules, we spend little time at home, which is why every minute spent here is even more valuable to us. This is the space where we come together after work, school and kindergarten and share our emotions with each other.

We try to dine together at least once a week. Dining at home and preparing a new dish is an absolute must.

And, finally, music plays an integral role in this space. Each time we are at home, quiet music runs in the background, as a sort of a soundtrack to our everyday lives.

Author: Sopho Museridze

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