When you cannot pre-plan each summer day and you do not want to lose the chance of attending the Jazz festival- what can be very helpful? We have created a special product with which you can purchase the Jazz Festival tickets with insurance. Now, it is possible to buy tickets online and insure them at the same time.

This means that if your plans for July 27-30 change and you are not be able to attend the festival, you can receive 100% reimbursement. Special insurance tickets are available on

Black Sea Jazz Festival will be held in Batumi for the eleventh time. Jazz and music lovers will have the opportunity to attend the concerts of Jamiroquai, Joss Stone, De La Soul and others.

If you return the insured concert ticket 7 days earlier, TBC Insurance will refund it in any case. If you cannot attend the concert due to illness or road accident, for this reason, the ticket can be refunded at any time. In such case, you need to send us information about the accident or other reasons on email- It will take approximately 2 working days to receive the money back.

How to make sure that your ticket is insured?

When purchasing tickets online at you will need to answer the question – would you like your tickets to be insured? Accordingly, in case of consent, you can buy ticket insurance for Jamiroquai concert for only 5 GEL.

This service is created by TBC Insurance exclusively for Jazz Festival and it can be used by any customer. Additionally, 15-20% discount is available when purchasing the tickets with TBC STATUS and PRIME cards.