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A variety of factors affect us each time we face either simple or tough decisions in our everyday lives. These include social aspects as well as the information we are exposed to each day—either negative or positive. And mostly, we actually get to witness the negative.

Positive emotions can quickly turn into negative ones, but it’s rarely easy to turn that frown upside down. That is why it does not really come as a surprise that we often share negative stories with our friends—particularly when life is so fast-paced, causing additional stress, we find it hard to note even the smallest details.

კაის თქმა მოსულა

It seems fairly easy to say something nice, but when the moment comes, we find it quite hard to point to something positive about each other or simply accept kudos from others. Once someone says they like our outfit, we look nice or are handing our job particularly well, awkward silence arises and we feel like there’s something not quite right about the moment.
TBC Insurance aims to motivate people to say something nice and show them that there’s plenty of times when one can feel free to give kudos!