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კაცის სურათი

Guria is the region of paradoxes so you need little math to detect kudos.

გურული დიალექტი

How are you? When did you come? When are you going? These questions are asked as a whole, in a separate way, and their indirect purpose is not the desire to get rid of you, but the interest in measuring the time available for the host.

შავი სიტყვები

“It looks like you have gained some weight” It’s always pronounced with a smile, even it’s said to someone who is on a strict diet and this phrase is the inertia of war when someone with a good face color was a sign of kindness.

ლამაზი სურათებიი

“He is such an unhappy soul” Means neither despair nor happiness; it means more "fortifier" of great things, and is expressed either pathetically or in a secret whisper.

წარწერა ლამაზად

“He destroys everything" Neither the ruins nor the buildings are saying these things - it will reveal something and if you do it in the palace, it is more of a sign. So judge that even the curse in Guria is vanishing. I have often seen a slender woman follow a small child, climbing a small tree, a woman - a mother or a grandmother, with a downward spiral, a fiercely angry face, and the voice of a squirrel. Here are the words, and the words say something else, "You don't fall for me