Getting up early in the morning, taking path by car, or by mini-bus to Gudauri and Bakuriani, to be descended from the tops of the mountains, dressed very warmly and very colorfully. You've already put on your mountain kit, ride on a paved, compacted snow track, and now, on the sloping terrace, it's time for hot chocolate nice, isn’t it? It is already difficult to imagine winter without skiing on various mountain resorts. But it's also very interesting where and how the sport of endless adrenaline and happy emotions has evolved for thousands of people. 

სასრიალო ტრასა

Skis were first used 3000-5000 years ago as one of the ways to cover long distances in the snow, for which they used to wear items that are very similar to modern skis. Skis distribute our weight evenly over the surface, helping us not to fall into the snow. Consequently, during heavy snowfall, it was simply used for walking in the grass, not as a slope, as it is today. 

ძველი ტხილამურები

Probably everyone wonders who the first person who invented skis was. There is no consensus in the community on this issue. Chinese wall painting shows that skis were still used 5,000 years ago. However, several other countries and places can be thought of as likely sites of skis - skis found thousands of years ago in Canada and Alaska 

ქვაზე ამოტვფრული ნაწერი და ნახატიThe drawing in the cave depicts skiers hunting in the Sinzian region, China. Chinese archaeologists say the painting is 10,000 years old. 2,000 years longer than the next earliest artefact of skiers

Scandinavia is often referred to as a homeland for modern style skiing: Scandinavian farmers, hunters, and warriors used skiing in the Middle Ages. Norwegian history tells us that in 1205-1206, Prince Håkon Håkonsson of Norway was two years old when, after his father's death, birkebeiner fighters transported a child from Lillehammer to Østerdalen on a ski slope for his own safety. This historical fact is still celebrated in Norway with the popular annual ski event Birkebeinerrennet.

ნახატი მოთხილამურეების და პატარა ბავშვიKnud Bergslien - "Skiing Birchlegs Crossing the Mountain with the Royal Child"

Alpine skating (on a well-traveled and well-traveled track) did not develop until the 18th century. Representatives of the Norwegian and Swedish armed forces used skiing to test the endurance and skills of their soldiers. In the 1850s, Norwegian legend, Sondre Norheim, developed the first arch and lateral skis. It is a classic form with a narrow center and wide nose that we still use today. 

მთის ფონი და კუსტარული თხილამური

Shamon, a resort town at the foot of Montblanc Mountain, was the first to host the first Winter Olympics in 1924. The Olympics included sports such as curling, ice skating and bar skiing. However, downhill skiing does not occur until the 1936 Winter Olympics. Since 1936, skiing has been divided into two types - linear access to the mountain slope at speeds of 128.75 kilometers per hour, or slalom, meaning a sloping race with a steeply curved route marked by control ales.

ოლიმპიური თანმაშების ლოგო

As far as freestyle skating is concerned, we have been around since the 1930s, but its official recognition as a sport did not come until 1979 by the International Skating Federation. It made its debut at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

მიფრინავს ბიჭი თხილამურებით

In Georgia, the first representative of this winter sport was Koba Tsakadze, nicknamed the "Flying Torpedo".

ძველი შავ-თეთრი ფოტო

Koba Tsakadze was the only Georgian to compete four times in the Winter Olympics and six times in the Soviet Union. 


Author: Likuna Khazaradze