Services, which you can get remotely

Apart from being simple and convenient in general, remote services may be absolutely essential at times. For example, in times of dangerous epidemics, avoiding crowded places and endless queues through a single click may be the best possible solution.

That is precisely why you should know that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home in order to purchase insurance products. All of our products are available online—car insurance, vehicle liability insurance, extra health insurance, home insurance, loan insurance, D1 vehicle insurance, and travel insurance.

Moreover, if you are already our customer, you may take advantage of our remote services.

You can purchase our insurance products at

You can request reimbursement of medical expenses via

Our B bot is at your service via the Facebook Messenger. He, too, can help you purchase insurance and request reimbursement of medical expenses. Also, if you happen to be in need of travel assistance, B will be there for you.

And, finally, if you had an appointment with a doctor and are unable to follow through, REDMED, our partner platform will make sure to bring the professional of your choice straight to your place, or connect you with them through a video or phone call.