Online Medical Services

In the light of current local and global events, TBC Insurance concurs with suggestions from the World Health Organization to avoid public places and take advantage of remote services as much as possible for the sake of our health and of those around us.

This is precisely why we are giving you an opportunity to access medical services online. You may now request reimbursement or a letter of guarantee, set up an appointment with a family physician and purchase travel insurance offered as part of your health insurance coverage at You may also request reimbursement of your medical expenses via the Facebook Messenger app, through B bot.

სამედიცინო მომსახურება ონლაინ

Allergies, seasonal flus and colds are particularly common in the spring, which is why medical service centers tend to be overcrowded. We would like to offer you an opportunity to avoid crowded places and receive medical services remotely, through REDMED, our partner and the first digital platform of medical services in Georgia.

რედმედი, თიბისი დაზღვევა, აპლიკაცია

REDMED helps minimize healthcare-related issues by offering both audio and video consultations with physicians. Audio consultations are free through March 15, while video consultations with an allergist, endocrinologist and dermatologist are also available for free between March 13 and March 20. The platform is easy to use and may be accessed through the website or the REDMED mobile application.

However, if you feel more at peace when seeing a physician in person, that is not an issue either! You can request a house visit from REDMED and we will reimburse all your expenses afterwards.

ანაზღაურება, დისტანციური, ონლაინ

TBC Insurance allows you to make an appointment with your family physical and request a letter of guarantee or insurance compensation remotely. All you have to do is visit or and upload relevant documentation.

Do remember that we provide family physician referrals remotely as well. Simply send an e-mail to

სმარტფონი, აპლიკაცია

And, finally, the most digital member of our family, B bot, is always ready to help and reimburse your medical expenses online. Contact B via the Facebook Messenger app, select health insurance and you will be able to upload documents within seconds, without having to leave the chat. You may also view the status of your claim there and be forwarded to an operator in case you have any additional questions.

For further information, please contact us via e-mail at or by phone: (032) 2 42 11 11