TBC Insurance is switching to remote assistance mode

From September 23 onwards, every branch of TBC Insurance will be closed down. You may take advantage of our services remotely.

“In the light of current events, we deem it appropriate to place our branches on hold and switch to remote mode. We are capable of ensuring comfort and convenience for our customers, as all of our services may be accessed online.” – Paata Ghadzadze

Remote Reimbursement

Health insurance

You may request reimbursement of your medical expenses or a letter of guarantee, set up an appointment with a family physician and purchase travel insurance offered as part of your health insurance coverage at

You may easily request reimbursement of your medical expenses via the Facebook Messenger app, with the help of B Bot.
If you need a referral, simple send an e-mail to

You may contact us anytime with any other questions regarding health insurance via phone or e-mail: (032) 2 42 11 11 / 

Auto insurance

You may now file claims remotely—via phone or e-mail, and confirm Damage Regulation Acts online, via

Travel insurance

 You have several options for requesting reimbursement of medical expenses received abroad and sending relevant documentation:

•    Contact B bot via the Facebook Messenger app
•    Send your documents via e-mail:
•    Call us: (032) 2 42 11 11
Life, critical illness and accident insurance

 You may request refunds remotely, via e-mail. Kindly send relevant documentation to or call us at (032) 2 42 22 22

Additional coverage and changes in insurance terms and conditions

Travel insurance

If you are forced to travel amidst this pandemic, as declared by the World Health Organization, all claims that are subject to reimbursement will be reimbursed without a franchise, despite the franchise clause in the policy.

If you need a video or audio consultation with a REDMED physician during travel, costs of the service will also be reimbursed without a franchise. We will also reimburse expenses for medications prescribed by both local physicians and those provided by REDMED.

Moreover, if you are already abroad, have purchased our travel insurance and are unable to return to Georgia before the policy expires, you may extend the term of your policy by 14 days. In order to do so, kindly contact us at (032) 2 42 11 11 

Auto Insurance
In case of an accident, you will have to call the patrol police only in case of urgent need.

Purchasing insurance
You may purchase our insurance products online as well, via