Additional policy terms for travel insurance policy holders

In the light of global events, the World Health Organization urges us to minimize travel and stay away from public places.

However, at times, we are simply forced to travel, which is why TBC Insurance decided to come up with special terms for its customers.

თვითმფრინავი, მოგზაურობა

You are eligible for the following perks upon purchase of travel insurance:

•    Each claim will be compensated without a franchise.
•    You may take advantage of the REDMET application throughout your stay abroad—consult with a physician via a video or audio call or request compensation without a franchise. 7 days’ worth of drugs prescribed by REDMED or local physicians shall be compensated.
•    Moreover, if you have already purchased travel insurance from TBC Insurance and are currently abroad, but unable to return to Georgia before your policy expires, we are going to extend the term of your policy by an additional 14 days.

Call us at 032 41 11 11 or contact us via e-mail at in order to take advantage of these terms.

And don’t forget that our travel assistant is available 24/7 to provide you with medical care, if need be. Kindly contact B Bot via the Facebook Messenger application or call us at +7 (495) 787 21 78 to request the service.