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ThankYou for insuring us!

#ThankYou for insuring us! is a new campaign from TBC Insurance, which aims to cheer the voluntarily self-isolated individuals in our community and express our joint gratitude for stepping up to prevent proliferation of the COVID-19 virus.

სანათი, ბიჭი, გოგო

Exponential proliferation of the virus all over the globe has resulted in rapid day-to-day escalation of fear and stress among the local population. Self-isolated individuals, who made a voluntary decision to isolate themselves from their surroundings merely to protect others from the virus, are particularly frazzled. The two weeks they are forced to spend alone, as they observe their symptoms, tends to be filled with a variety of negative emotions, including sorrow, despair, fear and even terror.

TBC Insurance believes that at times like this, not only should we feel free to give kudos, but are even obliged to do so and these individuals deserve a massive ‘thank you’ for their strong sense of civic duty!

ბიჭი, წიგნი, კომპიუტერი, ხილი

In order to encourage large-scale support of the self-isolated, TBC Insurance created a special group on Facebook. The primary purpose of the Ertoba group is to show gratitude towards these individuals in the form of insurance against stress. Members of the group are confident that, at times like this, together we can easily fight stress and sorrow. Hence, the group serves as a platform for active socialization and exchange of a variety of exciting and useful tips for making homestay stress-free.

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If you are in lockdown as well and are looking for exciting pastimes, or you are not in lockdown but would like to help your self-isolated friends discover exciting ways in which they can spend time at home, you should definitely join us!

#ThankYou for insuring us!