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300,000 GEL for physicians and nurses combating COVID-19

Every physician and nurse that continues to fight for well-being of Georgian citizens, putting life at risk, will receive insurance compensation of up to 10,000 GEL from TBC Insurance in case of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

TBC Insurance has launched a special fund as part of the #TBCforyou relief program, which aims to support physicians and nurses that provide care for COVID-19 patients at a variety of medical facilities, putting their own lives at risk as well.

სამი ექიმი, პირბადე

“In the light of current events, it is particularly important to show appreciation for our physicians—true professionals and brave humans that continue to put their lives at risk every single day. We believe that medical personnel that currently operates in high-risk zones are in particular need of support, as their proactivity and the part they play each day is absolutely invaluable. This is precisely why we have decided to join the #TBCforyou COVID-19 relief challenge and to procure 300,000 GEL at an initial stage. However, our initiative is not intended as a one-time act. As we foresee the likelihood of physicians contracting the disease, we intend to continue to act in accordance with our corporate social responsibility philosophy,” states Paata Ghadzadze, Director General of TBC Insurance.

In case the virus is confirmed and a patient is hospitalized, our compensation system will come into force immediately after substantiation of severity of the disease and submission of relevant documents. In order to receive compensation from the above-mentioned fund, TBC Insurance will expect to receive the following documents:

  • Verification of Employment—an official note confirming that the patient is employed at a specific medical facility;
  • Letter of Confirmation of the COVID-19 virus;
  • An official note from the employer that confirms that the patient was in fact infected with the COVID-19 virus during service.

Funds will be released immediately after submission of required documents. Every doctor or nurse that contracts the COVID-19 virus from a specific patient will receive compensation of up to 10,000 GEL. Namely, 4,000 GEL will be paid to the patient upon confirmation of the virus and subsequent hospitalization, while additional 6,000 GEL will be paid to their family in case of patient’s death.